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[Nmh-workers] replyfilter

From: Kevin Cosgrove
Subject: [Nmh-workers] replyfilter
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 23:34:04 -0700


I've been using the combination of a replyfilter with the
suggested mhl.repl.replyfilter and the entry of a referencing
formatproc in ~/.mh_profile, and all is quite nice indeed.
In fact I'm REALLY happy with nmh 1.5 RC? and exmh 2.8.0+RC?

But, some of the time the 'par' call within the replyfilter
script bails out with a "line too long" error.  I thought this
was triggered by a ~>100 character URL in an email signature,
because those lines are right next to the 'par' error string.
Just now I tested that, creating a word with >200 characters, and
it worked just fine from within exmh and from command-line.  So,
I'm not sure why some messages have trouble.

My workaround is to go into Mail/drafts, select the message,
and "Use message as draft".

But, I'm wondering how I might go about fixing this?  I guess
I'll wait for the next offending message to have something to
work with.  The par manual page didn't have much to say about
this, other than that error messages are printed, and output
functions aren't checked for errors.

For what it's worth my environment has

   PARINIT=rTbgqR w65 B=.?!_A_a Q=_s>|



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