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Re: [Nmh-workers] UTF-8 message bodies

From: Aleksander Matuszak
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] UTF-8 message bodies
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 23:03:46 +0200

Ken Hornstein writes:

> >Well, it seems that both approaches can coexists if buildmimeproc
> >would do nothing in case of already MIMEfied message. Instead of
> >error reporting.
> There is one caution here ... if you have a line that begins with a "#"
> that is NOT an mhbuild directive then you'll get an error.  That's fine for
> us that know about it, but it can bite you.

I know it too well, already. I have to use automimeproc=1 because
of charset. Every time the message contains #include or #! I see
an error.

I've been thinking a bit of this and I can see (as a user not
programmer) a couple of possibilities. 

It is possible to keep almost unchanged state with addition of
one more clause to mhbuild like pair #off #on which marks the
region where ^# is not interpreted as directive.

It can be separated directive typed by user and (long) directive
for mhbuild. The last can be almost uniqe, since it never be
typed directly. The user directive can be then very flexible with
any starting sign (e.g. one can use @attach file.ext). Processing
user directives would require additional preprocessor (supplied
or user made - like sed script). The real MIMEfying would be by
mhbuild before sending.

Those are just ideas. I like to know your opinion.


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