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Re: [Nmh-workers] problem reported in comp.mail.mh

From: heymanj
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] problem reported in comp.mail.mh
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 14:38:20 -0400

On 20 May 2012 at 11:45, Ken Hornstein <address@hidden>wrote:

>>Re: nmh-1.5 RC2 released
> So ... do you want to be the comp.mail.mh gateway?  Or direct the
> user to nmh-workers?

I'd rather not be the gateway.  I've posted your paragraph below back
to comp.mail.mh and recommeded that he followup using address@hidden

> I don't have access to any Debian systems ... and I don't know why
> getting a valid dbm library is so hard under Linux.  Maybe there's another
> dbm package that would work?  We don't actually check for gdbm.h, but
> instead we check for gdbm/gdbm.h.

FWIW - my Mageia 1 system has /usr/include/gdbm.h but as a symlink to
/usr/include/gdbm/gdbm.h, so I had no problems compiling the software.
Otherwise, I would have reported such.

> You know ... the dbm support is only used for duplicate message suppression
> by slocal.  Maybe we could make that so it's possible to not configure
> that support?

That would be a bigger question for the mailing list itself to handle.

> --Ken


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