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[Nmh-workers] send -sasl and -user

From: valdis
Subject: [Nmh-workers] send -sasl and -user
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 22:24:14 -0400

So we had our local mail service that accepted STARTTLS on port 587,
so in .mh_profile I had:

send: -nomime -msgid -server auth.smtp.vt.edu -port 587 -tls -sasl

and in .netrc I had:

machine auth.smtp.vt.edu login valdis password dream-on-not-what-it-really-is

and it Just Worked.

We're starting a transition to Google Apps, and I got selected as a crash test 

So I fix .mh_profile to have '-server smtp.gmail.com' instead, and add to 

machine auth.smtp.vt.edu login valdis password dream-on-not-really
machine smtp.gmail.com login address@hidden password dream-on-not-really

and gmail wouldn't take it.  Near as my testing shows, when send/post go to
read .netrc, it doesn't use the '-server' value to look up 'machine' and then
pick up the login/password fields - once I added '-user address@hidden', it
was then able to find the right line in .netrc and it started working.

This is probably a bug, because it's quite possible that somebody could have
the same 'userid' on multiple mail servers, but different passwords - so you
really want to look up by machine, not login. (Heck, if our internal people had
done things differently, it would have been 'login address@hidden' on both
SMTP servers).

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