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Re: [Nmh-workers] Spam: Re: whatnow: can't attach because no header fiel

From: rader
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Spam: Re: whatnow: can't attach because no header fieldname was given.
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 08:00:44 -0500

 > > Why not write a one-off script to blast the goodies from /etc/mime.types
 > > into etc/mhn.defaults??  I'll do it if they'll get in.
 > Fine by me if no one objects.  Send to me and I'll put them in.

Included here for all to consider.

This is a pretty arbitrary list of hand picked types initially genereted
  cat /etc/mime.types \
    | perl -ane 'if ($F[1] ne "") {print "mhshow-suffix-$F[0]: .$F[1]\n"}'

I didn't look at the new etc/mhn.defaults, so my apologies if they  are
all/mostly dups.


mhshow-suffix-application/msword: .doc
mhshow-suffix-application/ogg: .ogg
mhshow-suffix-application/pdf: .pdf
mhshow-suffix-application/postscript: .ps
mhshow-suffix-application/rtf: .rtf
mhshow-suffix-application/vnd.ms-excel: .xls
mhshow-suffix-application/vnd.ms-powerpoint: .ppt
mhshow-suffix-application/x-bzip2: .bz2
mhshow-suffix-application/x-cpio: .cpio
mhshow-suffix-application/x-dvi: .dvi
mhshow-suffix-application/x-gzip: .gz
mhshow-suffix-application/x-java-archive: .jar
mhshow-suffix-application/x-javascript: .js
mhshow-suffix-application/x-latex: .latex
mhshow-suffix-application/x-sh: .sh
mhshow-suffix-application/x-tar: .tar
mhshow-suffix-application/x-tex: .tex
mhshow-suffix-application/x-texinfo: .texinfo
mhshow-suffix-application/x-troff: .t
mhshow-suffix-application/x-troff-man: .man
mhshow-suffix-application/x-troff-me: .me
mhshow-suffix-application/x-troff-ms: .ms
mhshow-suffix-application/zip: .zip
mhshow-suffix-audio/basic: .au
mhshow-suffix-audio/midi: .midi
mhshow-suffix-audio/mpeg: .mpg
mhshow-suffix-audio/x-wav: .wav
mhshow-suffix-audio/x-ms-wma: .wma
mhshow-suffix-image/gif: .gif
mhshow-suffix-image/jpeg: .jpg
mhshow-suffix-image/png: .png
mhshow-suffix-image/tiff: .tiff
mhshow-suffix-text/css: .css
mhshow-suffix-text/html: .html
mhshow-suffix-text/plain: .asc
mhshow-suffix-text/rtf: .rtf
mhshow-suffix-text/sgml: .sgml
mhshow-suffix-text/xml: .xml
mhshow-suffix-video/mpeg: .mpg
mhshow-suffix-video/x-ms-wmv: .wmv
mhshow-suffix-video/x-msvideo: .avi

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