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[Nmh-workers] Unknown switches to "post" and more garbage collection

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Unknown switches to "post" and more garbage collection
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 23:12:43 -0500

I was working on post, and I came across these switches.  I was wondering
if any of the greybeards here happen to know what they're for:

        -deliver   Claims that the argument is an address-list, but from the
                   code it seems to do ... nothing?  Hm.  Maybe in the
                   old days it was used when compiling in MHMTS ... and
                   I have no idea what THAT is for.  Any ideas?

        -fill-in   Maybe when you're doing whom ... it redirects the
                   output of that command to a specified file?  Maybe?
                   No, it seems to do more.  Anyone know?

        -fill-up   Seems to change behavior when you're doing a "whom".
                   Again ... what the hell?

I see that post still has support for the SMTP transaction commands
SEND, SAML, and SOML.  Boy, I had to look those up.  I can just garbage
collect those, right?  I mean, no one SERIOUSLY uses that any more, right?
(According to an email from Ned Freed I found ... from 1995 ... the only
SMTP servers that supported those BACK THEN were PMDF and TGV Multinet).


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