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Re: [Nmh-workers] Understanding nmh (aka. What's the goal) [ really non-

From: markus schnalke
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Understanding nmh (aka. What's the goal) [ really non-ASCII message bodies ]
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 16:25:33 +0100
User-agent: nmh 1.3


discussing these things hadn't been easy sometimes, but the points and
arguments became clear and now we reached some kind of consensus. For
me, the discussion had been worthwhile.

[2010-12-03 11:33] Jon Steinhart <address@hidden>
>  o  Nobody objects to markus addressing this issue.  The objections are that
>     his implementation breaks things, and handling illegal body content is
>     not a compelling enough reason for breaking things.

> So, I think that enough has been said on this topic.  markus, can you outline
> for us an implementation that doesn't break things?  I think that everyone 
> will
> bless your changes if you do.

I agree with you here. Hence I created a new patch that concentrates
on the fourth case, explained in the other mail. AFAIS it does not
break anything.

Let me explain:

As it only modifies your attachment system now, everything is the same
if -attach is not specified.

For -attach being specified, the situation is such:

  no attachment hdr  +  body contains only ASCII  ->  sent as is
  attachment hdr     +  body contains only ASCII  ->  MIMEified
  attachment hdr     +  body contains non-ASCII   ->  MIMEified
  no attachment hdr  +  body contains non-ASCII   ->  MIMEified

The fourth case is different.

Additionally, the body text will be sent with a correct mime-type in
any case. Currently it was sent as application/octet-stream in the
third case.

The relation to `mime' at the whatnow prompt:

One surely wants to unset automimeproc when using -attach.

Running `mime' at the whatnow prompts is usually not needed as Jon's
attachment system handles it automatically.

Collisions only occure if an attachment header is present in the mail
and one runs `mime' at the whatnow prompt. If the body text contains
non-ASCII chars or not is irrelevant, it works as expected in both

As long as one does not add attachment headers to a specific draft,
one is able to use any mhbuild directives (/^#/) when running `mime'
at the whatnow prompt afterwards.

Further work:

The documentation currently does not cover my changes. Not much to
change, and I like to do that if the proposed changes are accepted.

More complex MIME structures than ``text followed by attachments'' are
not possible with Jon's attachment system. (Like they are not with
most MUAs.) One needs to create them with mhbuild directives and run
`mime' manually. (For forwarding messages, see below.)

Jon's attachment system still needs mhshow-suffix- entries or it will
be really dumb. This is something that should be covered separately,
maybe by a conceptional redesign (automatic detection, mailcap, ...).

Forwarding messages in MIME format could be added to Jon's system in a
way similar to what I proposed initially. I believe this would be
possible without breaking stuff. We would need to add -attach to


> P.S.  I'm trying to honor the way that you're name appears in your mail 
> header.
>       Do you really want it to be "markus" or should it be "Markus"?

Usually, I prefer ``meillo'' because that's a nearly unique
identifier. If you want to use my real name, I don't care if you spell
it in lower-case or with capital `M'. More important is honoring my
work by mentioning my name in the ChangeLog or commit messages. ;-)

diff --git a/uip/sendsbr.c b/uip/sendsbr.c
index 57ef007..8f5f2e1 100644
--- a/uip/sendsbr.c
+++ b/uip/sendsbr.c
@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ attach(char *attachment_header_field_name, char 
     int                        c;                      /* current character 
for body copy */
     int                        has_attachment;         /* draft has at least 
one attachment */
     int                        has_body;               /* draft has a message 
body */
+    int                        non_ascii;              /* msg body contains 
non-ASCII chars */
     int                        length;                 /* length of attachment 
header field name */
     char               *p;                     /* miscellaneous string pointer 
@@ -228,29 +229,36 @@ attach(char *attachment_header_field_name, char 
        if (strncasecmp(field, attachment_header_field_name, length) == 0 && 
field[length] == ':')
            has_attachment = 1;
-    if (has_attachment == 0)
-       return (DONE);
-     * We have at least one attachment.  Look for at least one non-blank line
-     * in the body of the message which indicates content in the body.
+     * Check if body contains at least one non-blank char (= not empty)
+     * and if it contains non-ASCII chars (= need MIME).
+     * We MIMEify the message also if the body contains non-ASCII text.
     has_body = 0;
+    non_ascii = 0;
     while (get_line() != EOF) {
        for (p = field; *p != '\0'; p++) {
-           if (*p != ' ' && *p != '\t') {
+           if (*p != ' ' && *p != '\t')
                has_body = 1;
+           if (*p > 127 || *p < 0) {
+               non_ascii = 1;
-       if (has_body)
+       if (non_ascii)
+     * Bail out if there are no attachments and only ASCII text.
+     * This means we don't need to convert it to MIME.
+     */
+    if (!has_attachment && non_ascii == 0)
+       return (DONE);
+    /*
      * Make names for the temporary files.
@@ -299,8 +307,10 @@ attach(char *attachment_header_field_name, char 
      * Add a mhbuild MIME composition file line for the body if there was one.
-    if (has_body)
-       make_mime_composition_file_entry(body_file_name, attachformat);
+    if (has_body) {
+       /* charset will be discovered/guessed by buildmimeproc */
+       fprintf(composition_file, "#text/plain %s\n", body_file_name);
+    }
      * Now, go back to the beginning of the draft file and look for header 

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