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[Nmh-workers] Minor git nits, and autotools junk

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Minor git nits, and autotools junk
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2010 21:00:36 -0500

In no particular order:

- I've discovered that the notification of commits for git does not work;
  apparantly I need someone on the savannah side to turn that on.  I've
  made that request to them.

- If you are having problems with your use of git & nmh; it sounds like (based
  on the email I've gotten) that there are plenty of people here with lots
  of git-fu who can help you; please don't hesitate to ask if you have
  any questions.

- I've done a few minor commits to the nmh git repo (mostly about switching
  from the .cvsignore files to one .gitignore file).

- In my work updating things, I've mentioned before that our use of autoconf
  isn't wonderful.  I want to fix that.  The goal here is to make our
  configure.in MUCH smaller and run quicker.  But that brings up something
  else that I've run into.

  Our Makefiles are lousy; I noticed this with the SASL and TLS
  work; they're old and crufy, and it's very hard to do things the
  "right" way that makes it integrate with autoconf in a nicer way.
  We also have some Makefile targets that do some extra things,
  like our use of "make nmhdist", but they could be better.

  Anyway, I guess my point here is: I'm thinking of converting nmh over to
  Automake; I've started using it for a few projects here, and it just
  Makes Things Easier.  It could also make supporting things like
  cross-compilation much easier, assuming people care about things like
  that (cross-compilation may work right now, but I am not sure, and if
  it doesn't I'm not that interested in fixing it with the way the Makefiles
  are right now).  You get so much extra stuff for free with Automake
  that to me it is worth it.  Comments?  (Despite me earlier trashing of
  libtool, I was kinda surprised to discover that nmh ALREADY uses libtool
  today; yikes!).

- Unrelated to that, I'm kinda getting tired of the damn warnings when I
  run autoreconf about acconfig.h; I'm thinking of putting the rest of
  the things in acconfig.h into autoconf via --enable switches; comments?


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