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Re: [Nmh-workers] Autoconf changes & new feature

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Autoconf changes & new feature
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 21:11:17 -0500

>because sasl.h is in /usr/include/sasl/sasl.h

Whoops ... okay, I'll fix that.

>You have some reason for wanting to move away from
>savannah? (they support arch, bzr, git, mercurial
>and svn.)

Huh, shows what I know.  If savannah supports git, then that's fine
with me.

As for me .... well, to paraphrase a line from "The Tao of Programming",
"I do not wish to learn another version control system!".

I've already had to learn git for a work project, and once I've gotten
into it I've been pretty happy with it.  I haven't heard anyone really
scream about it (Peter, you say that the UI isn't wonderful, but it sounds
like your objections are not that strong).

So, I vote we move to git; objections?

David Levine writes:
>Should we move the current nmh project to maintenance-only
>mode, and start up a separate nmh2?  It need not promise
>perfect backward compatibility, I would think reason enough
>to start anew.

Is it April 1st already? :-)

Were you thinking of writing a COMPLETELY NEW nmh from scratch?  Or
just saying, "Okay, we're no longer guaranteeing bug-compatibility with
nmh1; your scripts may break"?.

The latter doesn't sound bad to me (although I was actually thinking of making
the new release be 2.0).

The former ... well, if people WANT to do that, hey, more power to
them.  Just thinking about the work involved with that makes me
tired.  Unless my work is going to pay for that (unlikely), I simply
don't have the free time to work on a large project like that.  If
people want to invest their time in that, then I say "go for it";
get togther, start coding, feel free to using this mailing list if
you want.  I'll contribute code to do SASL and TLS when you get to
that point (assuming you want that code).  But I'll still probably
work on doing occasional maintenance on nmh1 until it looks like nmh2
(or nmh3, or whatever you call it) reaches critical mass.

One suggestion, though: someone needs to be in charge.  For example,
right now we have 3 different suggestions on the language to write
the hypothetical next-gen nmh in.  Someone needs to make that decision.
(My $0.02 - please, for the love of God, anything BUT C++).


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