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[Nmh-workers] extending nmh for smtps support?

From: heymanj
Subject: [Nmh-workers] extending nmh for smtps support?
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 21:08:00 -0500

I've enjoyed using [n]mh for 20yrs now, and a long time ago I sent back
a fix for the initial SCO 5.x stdio support.  I haven't done much hacking 
recently, though a few years ago I started doing a port to QNX and finally 
gave up due to the radically different <stdio.h> it had.

Recently I've changed my Internet connection from DSL to UVerse (both 
managed by AT&T), but with UVerse I now have to deal with yahoo.com's 
mail service.  They require the use of port 465 (smtps) and MAIL-AUTH.

I started working my way through the code, taking advantage of the sylpheed
email GUI program I use for hints.  It was slow going as I tried to keep the
code in the same style.  I got to the point where I was going to have to 
suck in a bunch of base64 encoding/decoding code when I stopped as this was
no longer going to be a quick fix.

Googled the correct set of words this time and found that directing postfix
to use port 587 would allow me to use nmh with localhost, so I took the
path of least resistance.

The question that still out there is whether or not nmh should support 
smtps.  If so, I'm more than willing to go back into the code and work
on it.  Would this be of interest?  What kind of schedule are we looking
at for nmh 1.4 (so I can gauge my time/commitment)?


Jerry Heyman
       //  Jerry Heyman           | "Congress does not draw to its halls
      //   Amiga Forever :-)      | those who love liberty, it draws those
  \\ //    heymanj at acm dot org | who love power." Judge Andrew Napolitano
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