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[Nmh-workers] header issue, when replying to self

From: Paul Fox
Subject: [Nmh-workers] header issue, when replying to self
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 13:12:02 -0400

i get bitten by this several times a year -- perhaps there's a
way to configure around it.

i often reply to my own mailing list posts.  when i do so, mh
attempts to reply to me, cc'ing the original recipient (i.e.,
the list).   but i think because i'm both the sender and the
recipient, the To: header ends up missing entirely.  for example,
here's what the draft looks like if i start to reply to an old
message i sent to this list:

    Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] sync'ing an mh mailstore between two machines?
    cc: address@hidden
    In-reply-to: <address@hidden>
    References: <address@hidden> <200805211914.m4LJExTY0>
    Fcc: outbox

needless to say, if i don't notice, and simply send the message,
it causes great confusion.

the command i use to reply to a list looks like this, after
expanding my wrapper scripts:

    repl -cc to -cc cc -form form.repl.usual <msgnumber>

the contents of form.repl.usual look like this:

    %(lit)%(formataddr %<{reply-to}%|%<{from}%|%{sender}%>%>)\
    %<(nonnull)%(void(width))%(putaddr To: )\n%>\
    %<{subject}Subject: Re: %{subject}\n%>\
    %<(nonnull)%(void(width))%(putaddr cc: )\n%>\
    %; Make References: and In-reply-to: fields for threading.
    %; Use (void), (trim) and (putstr) to eat trailing whitespace.
    %<{message-id}In-reply-to: %{message-id}\n%>\
    %<{message-id}References: \
    %<{references}%(void{references})%(trim)%(putstr) %>\
    Reply-to: address@hidden
    Fcc: outbox

i've just done a scan of the repl and mh-format man pages to see
what might cause, or fix, this, but i'm missing it if it's there.

any ideas?

 paul fox, address@hidden (arlington, ma, where it's 34.0 degrees)

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