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[Nmh-workers] how to have "Date:" header field added to message when pos

From: =JeffH
Subject: [Nmh-workers] how to have "Date:" header field added to message when posting mail directly via SMTP ?
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 10:37:43 -0700
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Hi folks.

Might y'all be able to help me out with this question wrt nmh?

how to have "Date:" header field added to message when posting mail directly via SMTP ?




My hosting provider just recently added the requirement that posted
(via SMTP) mail messages need to have the "Date:" header field filled-
in by the poster, rather than by their exim outbound email server.

AFAICT from the nmh/mh man pages, "send" should add "Date: now" header-
cum-value to the outgoing message, but I'm not sure my instance of
send is doing that. Plus, in my testing-by-hand-via-telnet to the
outbound smtp server, if I put "Date: now" into the outbound message
headers, that's what shows up at the receivers end -- i.e. exim isn't
substituting it's notion of time for the "now" value.

Has anyone else been faced with this challenge and figured it out?

I can't manually add "Date: " in my MUA because it (exmh) disallows
one doing that. Rather I need to get it snuck in there somehow in the
chain of processes before it exits my system to the outbound exim mail
server running at my hosting provider.

I suppose that since I use this command in my chain..

  /usr/bin/openssl s_client -connect mail.kingsmountain.com:465 -quiet

..wrapped as a one-line shell script, and which is invoked due to
these lines in /etc/nmh/mts.conf...

  mts: sendmail
  sendmail: /usr/local/bin/openssl-smtp-465

..that I could add some perl filter into said shell script such that
the perl thingee edits the message and adds "Date: <smtp-formatted
date value>" to the outbound message, yes?  hints?




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