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Re: [Nmh-workers] nmh 1.3, Sender, and Alternate-Mailboxes

From: Joel Uckelman
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] nmh 1.3, Sender, and Alternate-Mailboxes
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 12:28:07 +0200

Thus spake Robert Elz:
>     Date:        Tue, 24 Jun 2008 01:17:05 +0200
>     From:        Joel Uckelman <address@hidden>
>     Message-ID:  <address@hidden>
>   | Ah, I see. Why does %(formataddr(me)) become a no-op when I have
>   | Alternative-Mailboxes set, though?
> Because people either do, or don't, want copies of their own
> messages, often (sometimes) varying on a message by message
> basis, (n)mh treats anything it recognises as your own address
> specially when building the reply address list.
> You can use the -cc (or -nocc) option with the "me" parameter to
> control what happens.    Personally I have "-nocc me" in my profile,
> then if I ever want to override it, I just use -cc me.   I've had
> that profile entry for so long (way before nmh appeared) that I've
> lost track of the default setting (and whether it changed recently).
> It doesn't matter that the option is called "-cc" - that's just because
> of the most common usage, its effect is to control whether there's a
> value for "me" to use in formataddr(), which works whatever field name
> you're putting that value after in your replcomps (ie: it is still -cc me
> you want to use, regardless of the fact that you happen to be putting your
> address in the To field, rather than the cc field).
> kre

formataddr{from} is still a no-op when the From is my address and I've
done 'repl -cc me'. Apparently formataddr still filters out addresses
recognized as mine, regardless of the '-cc' option. That's the behavior
I'd really like to change.


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