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[Nmh-workers] send (From: ) problem

From: Philipp Roessler
Subject: [Nmh-workers] send (From: ) problem
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 22:07:06 +0200

When trying to send mails via smtp I get the following response:

$ send -snoop -verbose -server mail.gmx.net -user 1281346 -sasl - saslmech LOGIN


=> MAIL FROM:<address@hidden>
<= 550 5.1.8 {mp040} Cannot resolve your domain
<= 250 2.0.0 {mp040} Flushed
<= 221 2.0.0 {mp040} GMX Mailservices
post: problem initializing server; [RPLY] 550 5.1.8 {mp040} Cannot resolve your domain
send: message not delivered to anyone

"MAIL FROM" shouldn't be <address@hidden>, which is my local login and machine name, but my email address for that account (like <address@hidden>). How can I force nmh to use that?


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