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Re: [Nmh-workers] Additional subject prefixes to ignore

From: Jeffrey C Honig
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Additional subject prefixes to ignore
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 21:14:18 -0400

Paul Fox <address@hidden> wrote:

> i think i understand what you're getting at, but i'd like to see it
> be a regular expression that gets trimmed before the sort (i assume
> that's what you're referring to).  in particular, i get mail from lists
> which prepend the listname.  that coupled with mailers that do and
> don't strip existing "Re:" strings gives subjects that begin with
> any of:
>     [listname] foo
>     Re: [listname] foo
>     [listname] Re: foo
>     Re: [listname] Re: foo
> (i realize that an expression that catches these risks corrupting
> a valid subject.  so far, i'm willing to risk that.)

That's a good idea.  But I think that can be accomplished w/o a regex by
listing `[listname]' as a prefix to list for each list you are on.

I'm hesitant to try to use a regex because the only regex code in nmh is
strictly for pick and generalizing it or making it use POSIX regular
expressions is more than I want to take on at the moment.

Yeah, I'm chicken, I admit it.



Jeffrey C. Honig <address@hidden>
GnuPG ID:14E29E13 <http://www.honig.net/jch/key.shtml>

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