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Re: [Nmh-workers] Re: FCC behavior for BCC proposal

From: bergman
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Re: FCC behavior for BCC proposal
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 14:40:10 -0500

In the message dated: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:54:00 PST,
The pithy ruminations from Bill Wohler on 
<[Nmh-workers] Re: FCC behavior for BCC proposal> were:
=> address@hidden writes:
=> > Here's a minor change that I'd like to propose to nmh:
=> >
=> >    The "Fcc" copy of a Bcc message should contain the actual
=> >    recipients list of the original message, not the text
=> >    "Blind Distribution List: ;"
=> >
=> > As the sender, there's no need to supress the list of recipients (in fact, 
=> > makes the Fcc copy almost useless).
=> Yes there is. If you forgot to send that message to someone and wanted
=> to redistribute it, you'd really want it to look as it was when it was
=> sent--with the group construct.

Redistributing the message, as a BCC to another recipient, is all well and 
good. I guess that we see a File Copy differently--I see it as the internal 
record of mail that I sent out, which should contain the full distribution list,
whereas you seem to view it as an identical copy of mail _as it was sent out_.

However, my original complaint stands (and you've given an ideal example):

        on Monday, I send a message via BCC to several people

        on Tuesday, I'm concerned that I "forgot to send that message to 
        but I cannot determine the original distribution list from the FCC copy

It seems as if your issue isn't with what data is stored in the Fcc message, 
but with how dist formats messages that contain a Bcc field. If you want to 
the sense of BCC when using dist, I'd say that dist needs to be "smarter":
        dist should be enhanced so that if the original message being 
        redistributed has BCC recipients, that recipient list is supressed
        when the copy is redistributed

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