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Re: [Nmh-workers] Wow! I didn't expect y'all to take me so seriously abo

From: Igor Sobrado
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Wow! I didn't expect y'all to take me so seriously about partying!
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 11:00:39 +0100

In message <address@hidden>, Jon Steinhart writes:
> Not sure that I've ever seen so much nmh-related email in a day before!
> A few things...
> No problem cranking out a 1.2.1 release (or should that be 1.3)?  Should
> I do it now or wait a bit for other problems to surface?

As you have proposed 1.3 right now, I think that 1.4 will be better,
1.3 is getting too old now...  ;-)

Seriously, nmh-1.2 builds fine once the problem with the header file
in slocal.c is fixed (in my case, I was only able to build it adding
a preprocessor directive to slocal.c by hand).  I do not expect other
problems to surface.

In my humble opinion, it would be better waiting some weeks to see
if new bugs are discovered.

On the other hand, changing "==" to the assignment operator "=" in
the m4 file does not help when looking for the right header file
in NetBSD (it fails with the same error about undefined declaration
of functions, whose prototypes are in the header file that is not
included).  Perhaps a new release candidate would be recommendable.

I want to run nmh-1.2 (once modified by hand to compile) on a
production machine to see if new bugs appear.  If something goes
wrong I will send a message to the mailing list.

My advice (feel free to ignore it, as I am not a nmh maintainer)
is waiting some weeks to see if new bugs arrive.  After fixing the
path to ndbm.h it builds nicely and I do not expect more bugs to
be discovered.  But certainly, we will need to change more than
the "==" operator to allow it building again on NetBSD and OpenBSD
using a clean (unchanged) source code.


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