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Re: [Nmh-workers] Replace mh-format?

From: bergman
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Replace mh-format?
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 14:55:24 -0500

In the message dated: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 14:39:09 EST,
The pithy ruminations from Michael Richardson on 
<Re: [Nmh-workers] Replace mh-format? > were:
=> Hash: SHA1
=> >>>>> "Harald" == Harald Geyer <address@hidden> writes:
=>     Harald> The one in charge for interpreting formfiles is mhl, right? 
=>     Harald> How about implementing some mhlproc in our favourite
=>     Harald> scripting language and makeing the selection of mhlproc more
=>     Harald> customizable (i.e. on the command line and not only from the
=>     Harald> profile)?
=>   It's a good idea, the interface to mhl seems very arcane.
=>   At least, I was unsucessful in getting it into any kind of testing
=> harness so that I could debug it.
=>   I want to use it to fill in various fields (From:, FCC: for instance),
=> based upon patterns in the To:, CC: and maybe even In-Reply-To:.
=>   It uses to work, then it broke. Now I use the "Identity" bar in MH-E,
=> but that's not MH --- that's emacs doing it for me.

I'm doing something like that, by calling an external perl script as a wrapper 
to repl. See "replcomps" and "replwrap" at:
for the source code.

Similarly, there's a perl script that will do threading for nmh:
this is in use by a bunch of people using exmh. One advantage to this approach 
is that it uses (and adds to) existing headers to maintain threads, which 
shouldn't break any legacy software.

I _really_ like the idea of using command-line (and .mhprofile) switches to 
specify a script to call in place of mhl. 

To generalize this, I'd suggest that nmh doesn't need to have any knowledge of 
specific languages or interperters, but that the user could specify a 
substitute for mhl, with the expectation that the stdout of the substitute 
process is fed back into the calling nmh program. This way, the external 
process could be anything that produces "conforming" text on stdout.

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