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Re: [Nmh-workers] Questionable code - the bigger picture

From: Nathan Bailey
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Questionable code - the bigger picture
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 11:44:28 +1000

*nod* Perhaps I should do that again (I'd be interested in your
glimpse parameters/i.e. how deep you index).  Really though, what
I want to be able to do is something like this:
        scan `pick mostrecent:50 -from "bill smith" -src ++allfolders -except 

which would:
        1. Find all messages from "bill smith" across all folders
           (except outbox and its descendants)
        2. Show the most 50 messages from (1)

This isn't that hard, in a Unix way, and could almost certainly be
optimisied, e.g. search tree could work off most recent messages first
(-mtime), looking for "bill smith" and span back until it has 50.

Perhaps I should just write it myself -- will nmh take contributions in
perl? ;-)


"Mike O'Dell" <address@hidden> wrote:
>best solution i've found for The Big Search function is "glimpse".
>index the ~/Mail directory (and have cron do it regularly)
>and then "glimpse <terms>" and presto!
>you can arrange to just get file names out for matches so
>capturing that and generating a sequence shouldn't be too hard
>but i haven't been motiviated to write the script
>       cheers,
>       -mo
>Nathan Bailey wrote:
>> Jon Steinhart <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>     3.  Improve the reading end of mime mail.  I've brought this issue up
>>>         before and have ideas on how to do this.
>> Such as?  (e.g. I'm sure I could work out how to make 'scan' show real
>> text instead of: "=?ISO-2202-JP?Q?=82l=82 ..." in subject lines if I
>> RTFM'd, but shouldn't it be a default?)
>>>So what else needs doing?  Let's put together a plan to do it.
>> Probably my biggest mh challenge at present is finding messages, i.e.
>> did I file that in this folder or that one?  This is probably the most
>> likely thing to move me from mh to something like Thunderbird (with
>> inbuilt search).  I currently grep -R to find such messages, I have
>> played with glimpse in the past, I suspect mh's annotate function would
>> help with this (and with David Allen's GTD organising) but I haven't
>> found a solution that is both easy and quick yet.
>> re,
>> N
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