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[Nmh-workers] outstanding patches

From: Oliver Kiddle
Subject: [Nmh-workers] outstanding patches
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 11:28:20 +0200

There are quite a few patches on savannah or the mailing lists which
have never been applied. Given that people went to the effort of
creating these it is silly for them to go to waste. Over the past year
or so, installing nmh for me has meant checking the source out of CVS,
applying a couple of patches and building it myself.

So following is a rundown of the patches. It would be good to hear any
comments or objections and at the end, I'm happy to go through and apply
any patches which we're happy with.

Patch 3468 - remove quotes from comments
  I've been using this patch since it was posted and it works well. So
  I'd like it to be committed.

Bug 11142 - POP3 inc chokes on very long lines
  I don't see a problem with this patch though I haven't looked at it in
  any detail or tried to apply it against 1.1. Whether or not such
  messages are conforming, it would be better if nmh handled them.

Patch 2683/Bug 7868 - AFS patch
  Don't see any problem with this myself

Patch 1155 - Speed up flist
  Makes sense but it would probably be faster still to test isdigit on
  each character in a for loop instead of using a regex.

Patch 2930 - Allow @domain.com Address Masquerading
  No idea if this is useful or not

Patch 758
  Though I agree that there is a need here, I think it is unwise to make
  the order significant in mh_profile/mhn.defaults files. So I'd prefer
  some alternative way to specify the ordering.

Debian patches
1 & 3      : man page links/sections; Debian specific, I think
2          : sasl include file locations. Also applicable to at least SuSE.
4 (261592) : looks like something we should apply
5 (238456) : hard linking of install-sh. Is it needed in libdir?
6 (143485) : "#define vfork fork" on linux. Should be harmless enough

debian/nmh.bash_completions file :
  could we take this and put it in docs/COMPLETION-BASH

Josh Bressers recent patches
I don't see a problem with any of these but if Josh wants, it'd be
better to give him CVS access than for someone else to commit the


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