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[Nmh-workers] masquerade mmailid and pop

From: Walter Truitt
Subject: [Nmh-workers] masquerade mmailid and pop
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 11:30:57 -0500

After a moderate period away from nmh, I have come back. :)

Previously, I have used a different masquerade option to fix my from
address.  Today, I decided that I prefer not to have custom components
and replcomps files.  I like that I can put the mail id in the passwd
file and set the localhost.  This works well (except that sometimes it
breaks other mail programs).  It works well for sending mail, but when
I want to retreive mail, it sort of hacks the username globally.  It
was originally noticeable when I found I had to set the Maildrop in my
mh_profile.  Then when I changed to pop, I didn't have a way of
setting my pop username to wtruitt and my email address to
walter.truitt, except by passing the -user on the inc command-line.

When using any wrapper around MH, this is not simple.  I was curious
if anyone else has similar interests in getting this to work in a new
way.  My current fix, was to modify the sources to add a popuser line
to the mh_profile.  I patched inc to use this if it is set, and
otherwise call the getusername function.  I realize now writing this,
that I didn't change anything for the maildrop.  I think the mmailid
is great for sending, but it isn't something that should be used in
other parts of the system.

I would be willing to make changes and post them to the list if that
is the preferred method.  Otherwise, if the maintainer likes to make
changes consistent with the design, that is fine.


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