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[Nmh-workers] Digital Unix (4.0f) doesn't have snprintf

From: Tracy Di Marco White
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Digital Unix (4.0f) doesn't have snprintf
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 04:54:12 CST

and configure is able to tell that it doesn't, yet things still seem
to require it.  This is with nmh-1.1-RC3.tar.gz I just downlaoded.  I
tend to use the built in cc, but I have the same results with gcc 3.2.

in configure:
checking for snprintf... no
yet while building:
cc: Info: ../h/prototypes.h, line 135: In this statement, the declaration for 
intrinsic function "snprintf" referenced at line number 258 in file aliasbr.c, 
parameter number 2 is of type "unsigned long", which is not consistent with the 
expected type "long".  It will be treated as an ordinary external function. 
int snprintf (char *, size_t, const char *, ...);
cc -s -o ali ali.o aliasbr.o ../config/version.o ../config/config.o 
../mts/libmts.a ../sbr/libmh.a    -lm
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

Am I missing something obvious?

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Academic Information Technologies
Iowa State University

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