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[Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System branch, master, updated

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: [Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System branch, master, updated. 1.7-branchpoint-37-g58c5e5b
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 06:59:54 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The nmh Mail Handling System".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  58c5e5b287f2ef7b6a855b30eb0c2be1edd5ab42 (commit)
       via  6aec307fcced3dbd5dc47c52c79bd5c833021f51 (commit)
       via  bb0b14bdb72ac3b3fbee4ba4ff4da0b7848089bf (commit)
       via  d3d8f636ed951b4c02bdeeb146b528fe00dfbb48 (commit)
       via  54b3847305718394e886272edd49f8dcd2bcfc29 (commit)
       via  7d81fd0ae7fc14189d7758c78a5168921c7ef11b (commit)
       via  ec18722d02bd307bd09f30715dc8ba4e1b8a6716 (commit)
       via  d9c165f79476d60ac59515d3b23ede004759fe06 (commit)
       via  a1e07630c435cd9fb50aea6563e5835efdc13e03 (commit)
      from  485fa064f8388272fe00ebfd29e4babf6dfed019 (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 58c5e5b287f2ef7b6a855b30eb0c2be1edd5ab42
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Aug 14 00:52:57 2017 +0100

    inc.c: Use closure for pop_retr()'s action callback.
    Allows file-static variables to become local to a function.  In fact,
    two of them no longer need to exist:  one of them becomes the closure's
    struct's member, and the other is always 0 and probably just present due
    to copy and paste.

commit 6aec307fcced3dbd5dc47c52c79bd5c833021f51
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 18:07:33 2017 +0100

    inc.c: Alter pop_action() to check I/O, perhaps returning NOTOK.

commit bb0b14bdb72ac3b3fbee4ba4ff4da0b7848089bf
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 17:54:59 2017 +0100

    popsbr.c: Alter traverse() to check action callback's result.
    The action callback returned zero, with a 1999 comment asking if it was
    checked.  traverse() didn't check it.  Change it so it does, wanting
    `OK' if all's well, else returning the non-OK value to traverse's
    caller;  though that only checks for NOTOK.  No functional change

commit d3d8f636ed951b4c02bdeeb146b528fe00dfbb48
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 17:13:34 2017 +0100

    pop_retr(): Add a `void *closure' to be passed to action callback.
    Only caller passes in NULL for the moment, and doesn't use it in the
    callback, but it will allow fewer scopes by name of the variables the
    action callback uses.

commit 54b3847305718394e886272edd49f8dcd2bcfc29
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 16:58:14 2017 +0100

    inc.c: Narrow scope of inc_type.  Chain mutually-exclusive ifs.
    Joining the separate if-statements with `else' tells the reader it's not
    expected that more than one branch can be taken.  Useful when each is
    many lines long.  No functional change intended.

commit 7d81fd0ae7fc14189d7758c78a5168921c7ef11b
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 16:33:06 2017 +0100

    scan(): Don't ioctl(2) for TTY's width every call.
    Saves a system call per message scanned.  Does mean it won't adjust
    should the terminal width change mid scan, but that seems fine;  after
    all, the retrieved width could be out of date by the time a message's
    output is written anyway.

commit ec18722d02bd307bd09f30715dc8ba4e1b8a6716
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 15:20:14 2017 +0100

    m_getfld() et al: Replace with m_getfld2(), etc., in many places.
    The difference is the FILE pointer isn't passed in on each call.
    Instead, it's stored in the m_getfld_state_t once, on
    m_getfld_state_init().  No functional change intended.

commit d9c165f79476d60ac59515d3b23ede004759fe06
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Aug 13 15:04:58 2017 +0100

    post.man: Detail -port's default value: submission, 587.

commit a1e07630c435cd9fb50aea6563e5835efdc13e03
Author: Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Aug 11 16:54:31 2017 +0100

    mhmisc.c: Indent with "%*s" rather than "%*.*s".
    No functional change intended, but it does silence one of gcc's warnings
    given severe enough options.


Summary of changes:
 h/oauth.h        |  2 +-
 h/popsbr.h       |  2 +-
 man/post.man     | 15 +++++----
 sbr/m_getfld.c   | 11 ++++---
 sbr/oauth.c      |  9 +++---
 sbr/readconfig.c |  7 +++--
 sbr/seq_read.c   |  9 +++---
 uip/distsbr.c    | 16 +++++-----
 uip/fmttest.c    | 11 ++++---
 uip/forwsbr.c    | 11 ++++---
 uip/inc.c        | 92 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 uip/mhbuildsbr.c | 15 ++++-----
 uip/mhcachesbr.c |  7 +++--
 uip/mhfixmsg.c   |  7 +++--
 uip/mhlsbr.c     | 25 +++++++--------
 uip/mhmisc.c     |  2 +-
 uip/mhparse.c    |  9 +++---
 uip/new.c        |  9 +++---
 uip/picksbr.c    |  7 +++--
 uip/popsbr.c     | 36 +++++++++++-----------
 uip/post.c       |  9 +++---
 uip/prompter.c   |  9 +++---
 uip/rcvdist.c    | 11 ++++---
 uip/replsbr.c    | 11 ++++---
 uip/scansbr.c    | 11 +++++--
 uip/sendsbr.c    | 22 ++++++++------
 uip/show.c       | 12 ++++----
 uip/slocal.c     | 18 ++++++-----
 uip/sortm.c      | 11 ++++---
 uip/whatnowsbr.c |  5 +--
 30 files changed, 226 insertions(+), 195 deletions(-)

The nmh Mail Handling System

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