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[Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System annotated tag, 1.5-bran

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System annotated tag, 1.5-branchpoint, created. 1.5-branchpoint
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 18:03:50 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The nmh Mail Handling System".

The annotated tag, 1.5-branchpoint has been created
        at  b86effe185327c87c884bc7faf935507d03b6a8b (tag)
   tagging  baa55df33c507f4278074481e5347d5216e137db (commit)
 tagged by  Ken Hornstein
        on  Sun Apr 22 09:41:35 2012 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This tag marks the point where we started the branch for 1.5

Anders Eriksson (1):
      Changed scan to always pass the folder argument. This is in line

Bill Wohler (4):
      A couple of questions from nmh's original FAQ were folded into
      Since faqs.org appears to be moribund, I'm now using my site as the
      Changed Questions
      The MH web site is now http://rand-mh.sourceforge.net/ and the MH

Dan Harkless (215):
      Properly deal with relative folder names. Problem noted by Jerry Peek
      Fix krb4 code to work with the original krb4 libraries as well as
      Add check for modf and link with -lm if it's not in libc. Needed for
      add HAVE_LIBM
      Make whatnow "list" work with "lproc: show" again. From Ruud de Rooij
      Fix a buffer overrun that caused packf -mbox to mess up on
      Change ordering of a conditional to prevent a bad pointer dereference.
      Allow display of 8bit encoded messages. From Kimmo Suominen
      Don't add line breaks in the middle of long addresses when building a
      Added -library switch so it can parse user aliases like post does.
      Changed configure.in's check for sigsetjmp to properly deal with
      Fixed a signal-handling bug that could cause whatnow to sometimes exit
      deal with SIGPIPE so mhl doesn't print "Broken pipe" if you quit out
      man page updates from Jerry Peek <address@hidden>
      add a note about Irix make
      Use "#include <errno.h>" instead of "extern int errno;". Suggested by
      Update for the brave new world
      1.0.1 patches
      I renamed the old rcvdistcomps to rcvdistcomps.outbox and removed the
      New $(DIST_FILES) entry: rcvdistcomps.outbox.
      I think it's totally inappropriate for the default rcvdistcomps to save 
      Changed call of done() to return of done() to eliminate compilation 
      Changed from returning void to returning int so that main()s who call 
done() at
      Changed done() from returning void to returning int so that main()s who 
      Eliminated compilation warnings.
      Eliminated compilation warnings.
      Eliminated compilation warnings.
      err2peer() previously returned garbage.  Now it returns result of callee
      donote() previously was written such that it could return garbage.
      Eliminated compilation warnings.
      Eliminated compilation warnings.  pop_action() and pop_pack() used to 
      Previously contained the code:
      Eliminated unsued sigset_t variables set and oset.
      Eliminated compilation warnings.
      * slocal -debug used to leave a copy of each message processed in /tmp.
      Automated #define of MAILGROUP and installation of inc as setgid mail 
when the
      Just removed some useless whitespace that [X]Emacs' Make mode highlights 
      Automated #define of MAILGROUP and installation of inc as setgid mail 
when the
      Automated #define of MAILGROUP and installation of inc as setgid mail 
when the
      Just adding some text to this file so that cvs will see a difference and 
let me check it in.  Every time acconfig.h or configure.in are changed (which I 
      Crap.  That's what I get for using vi instead of xemacs for a change.  
      Renamed from ZSH.COMPLETION so it'll alphabetize next to new 
      Renamed to COMPLETION-ZSH so it'll alphabetize next to new 
      New file along the lines of the old ZSH.COMPLETION, but for tcsh.  Pretty 
      Doug's fix for my MAILGROUP autoconf support on his platform (yep, I was
      Touched because I changed configure.in.
      I didn't like the double use of "MAILGROUP" for two different variables 
used in
      * Fixed a portability problem in Doug's fix of a portability
      Added '-L' to the calls of 'ls' in configure.in -- I have seen multiple 
      Upped the version number to 1.0.3.  If we don't do this, then when people 
      Changed the version number from 1.0.3 to 1.0.2+dev.  There was not 
      * Add command to reverse the action of rmm [-nounlink] -- "urmm"?  "umm"? 
      Typecast to get rid of warnings that array index into types[] is a char.
      Put in prototype for initgroups() to get rid of "default prototype" 
warning.  On
      Typecast to get rid of warnings that index into cc[] is a char.
      Put in a prototype for client() to get rid of the "default prototype" 
      Put in a prototype for stdio internal function _filbuf() to get rid of the
      Added include of mh.h to get snprintf() prototype and changed all 
references to
      Added include of mh.h for snprintf() prototype.
      Added include of signals.h for SIGNAL() prototype.
      On AIX 4.1, snprintf() is defined in libc.a but there's no prototype in
      On AIX 4.1, snprintf() is defined in libc.a but there's no prototype in
      Got rid of the rest of the warnings that I didn't have time for on 
      The conditional definition of the "np" variable didn't make any sense.  
It was
      Accidentally checked in configure with older date than configure.in, but I
      Shoot.  Apparently it gets the timestamp from the check-in time rather 
      I kept going back and forth checking in new pointless revisions of
      The prototype I gave for initgroups() which was documented in the AIX 4.1 
      Just clarified a couple of points in my last change description.
      Changed Mmailids to an extern so that we can access it from post.c to see 
if we
      Whoever changed all the references to address@hidden to
      Modified the mmailid comment to reflect that there are now two types of
      Documented the minchars field of struct swit to the best of my 
      Updated to reflect that there are now two types of username masquerading
      Implemented a new type of username masquerading, which is also activated 
      I'm surprised this didn't hit anyone sooner.  Doug's portability fix of my
      Doug's portability fix of my setgid inc autodetection had a caching bug 
-- if
      Added a comment bemoaning the lack of aliasing on the From: header and
      I had my envelope-From:-setting in the wrong place in the code, before 
      Just added a comment explaining that akvalue() does mh alias substitution.
      Expanded the mention of the $SIGNATURE environment variable to talk about 
      Added documentation on both types of masquerading to post's man page.
      Dan Winship informed me that the right fix when gcc -Wall complains about 
      Fixed multiple bugs in makedir().  First off, when creating nested 
folders, it
      Doug's check for whether mh_profile.5 exists was bad -- it looked in the 
      makedir() had multiple bugs dating back to MH.  It passed an octal 
constant to
      All %-escapes in mhn.defaults that actually expand to something should be
      Made a couple of minor whitespace changes to test if the latest beta 
version of
      Added check for lynx to write mhshow-show-text/html line in 
      * Applied address@hidden's KPOP patches.  According to him:
      Modified INSTALL and config.h.in to reflect the new -kpop feature.
      Whoever originally added the -help switch to all the commands got too 
cute and
      Whoever originally added the -help switch to all the commands got too 
cute and
      Removed an item that Richard did without removing its TODO, and removed 
an item
      Oops.  %-escapes on mhstore lines in mhn.defaults.sh should not be 
surrounded by
      Upped the version number to 1.0.3+dev (ideally this should be done by 
      Changed "echo > stamp-h.in" in Makefile.in to "date > stamp-h.in" so that
      Made a goofy change so that I could produce a new configure because when I
      Changed the GECOS-field '&' translation behavior to be controlled by the 
      Oops.  My last group commit comment failed to mention what I was doing in 
      Oops.  You can't just change comments in configure.in, or configure won't 
      Added a new "boolean" type to mh.h and TRUE and FALSE constants.
      Oops.  I was using an older email address for Neil -- now he uses the 
      Changed the new "plussed_user" option to mts.conf's "masquerade:" to
      Applied Neil W Rickert <address@hidden>'s msh.c patch:
      Applied Sullivan N. Beck <address@hidden>'s mhshow-suffix patch:
      Just removed the odd space between the "!" and the "/bin/sh".  I believe 
      Modified username_extension masquerading to only use the extended address 
      Applied Simon Burge <address@hidden>'s dtime.c patch:
      * Applied, after some finessing,
      Applied Simon Burge <address@hidden>'s dtimep.lex patch:
      Changed strdup() in strdup.c to take a _const_ char*.  Don't know why this
      Created new dtimep.c-lexed with Simon's change using dtimep.lex lexed on
      Added missing dependency in zotnet/tws/Makefile.in for dtimep.c: 
      When I fixed the long-standing makedir() bugs in January, I had the code 
      When I added my --enable-masquerade option, you'll note that I didn't 
make it
      Added a new README.developers file.  From the file:
      address@hidden did not document his previous KPOP patch, so I did so,
      When I applied Wesley Craig's original KPOP patch, I made a change 
directly to
      Terran Melconian pointed out that my theory as to why -help was printed as
      Applied Eric Schnoebelen <address@hidden>'s mhshowsbr.c patch fixing 
      * Add some way to configure whether you prefer to see text/plain or 
      Whoah, this should have been changed a long time ago.  For one thing, 
      Richard Coleman threw out a lot of old MH-specific files in nmh.  Much of 
      Applied Brian Campbell <address@hidden>'s mhn.defaults.sh patch:
      Just reworded the bit about '%s' being safe not to quote (it's only safe 
not to
      * Added new files README.developers, ChangeLog_MH-3_to_MH-6.6, and
      Upped the version number to 1.0.4+dev.
      Oops.  Didn't do a `cvs rtag` before changing the version to 1.0.4+dev.  
      Oops.  Had a duplicate entry.
      Okay, got that tag stuff straightened out.  Now upping the version to 
      Added a "releasing nmh" section to README.developers, while the process 
      Added note that user questions are acceptable on nmh-workers.
      Undeleting everything at the top level for now.
      Undeleting everything at the top level for now.  Doug's comment:
      Put a note saying that the paths this file refers to (stuff in docs/) are
      Undeleted all the stuff Doug deleted at the top level for now.  I think 
it's bad
      I had left out aclocal.m4 on the "use this order" line as I didn't think 
      Someone (unfortunately original version history has been lost so I don't 
      The syntax I gave in the --help output for --enable-masquerade incorrectly
      One final tweak to the configure --help output for --enable-masquerade.
      Deleting the versions Doug moved in with `cvs add', erasing the version 
      Files that must be read before building nmh should not go in the docs
      Fixed DIST targets to reflect that INSTALL and MACHINES are back at the 
      Restored lost version histories for those moved files by doing a manual 
`mv' in
      Removed "installing nmh" section.  Moved its note about the DIFFERENCES 
file up
      After nmh 1.0.4, moved from top-level 'nmh' directory to 'nmh/docs'.
      After nmh 1.0.4, moved from top-level 'nmh' directory to 'nmh/docs'.
      Just a silly note 'cause I'm vain --
      Man, I'm a retard.  Lemme try that again:
      In the hullaballoo with moving stuff back and forth out of the docs/ 
      Okay.  Removing it now.  New location is in 'docs' subdirectory.
      After nmh 1.0.4, moved from top-level 'nmh' directory to 'nmh/docs'.
      For reasons explained better elsewhere (e.g. Attic/README.developers), the
      This is the nmh-1.0.1 version from 1999-05-17.
      This is the nmh-1.0.3 version from 2000-01-18 (1.0.2 had no changes).
      This is the nmh-1.0.4 version from 2000-03-15 (I see that I was the one 
      Okay, now that the old revisions have been recreated, deleting the file.  
      Doug informed me that the way I had restored the "lost" version histories 
      * I had alphabetized the --configure options in the --help output
      Shantonu updated the DIFFERENCES file to no longer say that APOP isn't
      Alphabetized Shantonu's $pop_kinds output on configure's "pop is enabled" 
      Got rid of four warnings in Shantonu's new getpass.c.  Needed to #include
      Added steps to README.developers saying to change the version number to
      Oops.  Forgot to commit this when I made configure changes yesterday.
      * Changed configure.in to use gcc -Wall even without --enable-debug, to 
      Prepended "Portions of this code are" to the copyright message in 
      Added mts.conf.5 page per Neil W Rickert <address@hidden>'s report:
      msh has been unable to show MIME messages ever since 1.0.  Alec Wolman
      ChangeLog:  I think we should use a uniform style in this file.  
      etc/Makefile.in was incorrectly installing mts.conf.in and sendfiles.in --
      Reworded my last entry a bit.
      INSTALL never documented the etc/*.old thing.  Documented the new 
      A couple more tweaks to etc/Makefile.in:
      Applied Alec Wolman <address@hidden>'s dropsbr.c patch:
      New dtimep.lex didn't parse day names properly.  Fixed.  Also clarified
      Clarified post.man and send.man for those not completely up on SASL 
      Kimmo neglected to commit the regenerated versions of these after changing
      Modified Kimmo's entry for the application of Ken Hornstein's SASL 
patches to
      Deleted the timezone on Kim's SASL patch entry.  Ruud has taken to adding 
      I don't understand why Kim's split-up of the autoconf-file cvs commits 
should be
      Clarified and made some corrections to Kimmo's README.developers changes 
      Moved Kimmo's new "--with-hash-backup" to be output with the rest of the 
      One more pass at README.developers now that it's clear that my
      Ken Hornstein's SASL patch was not integrated properly with Ruud's new 
      People did not preserve my alphabetization of the --with options when 
they added
      Meaningless change to test autoconf commit order stuff.
      Meaningless change for testing autoconf file commit order stuff.
      Meaningless change to test autoconf file commit order stuff.
      Meaningless modification to test autoconf file commit order stuff.
      Last pass at README.developers -- Kimmo's 5-step commit was overkill.  
You only
      Applied Kurt J. Lidl <address@hidden>'s $MAILHOST patch:
      Fixed warnings from diff on first-time install of nmh.  Also added 'echo's
      When Shantonu wrote the new, more portable dtimep.lex, he left out the 
      Updated README.developers with the fact that zotnet/tws is going away.
      TODO: Allow multiple simultaneous differing contexts, probably each tied 
to a
      Kimmo's etc/Makefile.in change note implied that install was previously
      Decided that limiting the message number columns to 3 on my scan.MMDDYY 
      Changed my mind again on scan.MMDDYY and scan.YYYYMMDD.  Put the replied /
      Further clarified Kimmo's etc/Makefile.in comments at his suggestion.
      Just fixed a formatting error.
      When Shantonu made the new libmts.a, he swapped $(MTSLIB) and libmh.a in
      Shantonu did his commit in the wrong order earlier today, making 
configure get
      -apop and -noapop were not documented in inc.man.  -snoop was documented 
      Just changed a "can" to a "could" since I don't know if most POP3 servers 
      -apop and -noapop were not documented in msgchk.man.  -snoop was 
documented but
      * -L isn't sufficient for specifying the path of the Cyrus SASL
      Regenerated stamp-h.in using my tcsh alias `date', which uses a
      Say in README.developers to use `\date' in case anyone is like me and
      Found some historical information about MH in RFC 808.  Supplemented it 
      Ken Hornstein's configure.in Cyrus SASL checks were doing

David Levine (218):
      Fixed make_bcc_file () to use contents of From: in draft, if draft_from 
masquerade flag is enabled.
      Added -nocontentid (and -contentid, for symmetry) switch to mhbuild.  
This allows users to disable generation of the Content-ID: header in MIME 
messages, in order to placate broken version(s) of Outlook.
      Added RFC2183 to reference of RFC1806 for Content-Disposition header.
      Added support for optional Content_Disposition header in mhbuild 
      * man/mhbuild.man: wrapped one appearance of "Content-Disposition"
      * h/mh.h, h/prototypes.h, uip/mhbuildsbr.c, uip/send.c,
      Replaced second line of Content-Tyhpe of -attachformat 0 example.
      * uip/sendsbr.c: replaced st_mtim with st_mtime, that's what
      * uip/sendsbr.c: with attachformat values of 1 or 2, only
      * uip/sendsbr.c: with attachformat values of 1 or 2, add
      * configure.in, INSTALL: if --enable-masquerade is not
      * sbr/addrsbr.c: removed "err" from conditional, because gcc
      * docs/MAIL.FILTERING: added note on removing procmail -f or
      * sbr/m_getfld.c: in warning message, use NAMESZ-2 instead of
      * h/mh.h: raised NAMESZ from 128 to 999.  RFC 2822 limits line
      * mts/smtp/smtp.c: In sm_auth_sasl (), removed zeroing of
      * uip/inc.c: gcc 4.4.1 noticed that maildir could have been
      * uip/new.c: cast folder_len to int to avoid warning on
      * uip/mhlistsbr.c, uip/mhlsbr.c, uip/picksbr.c: cast
      * uip/.cvsignore:  added "new".
      man/send.man: added name= portion to Content-Type
      * uip/whatnowsbr.c: enforce requirement of at least one file
      Removed unused local variables to eliminate warnings from gcc 4.6.2.
      Removed netdb.h because we no longer distribute it.
      Added first cut at nmh.spec, along with rpm: target in Makefile.in.
      Moved version number from nmh.spec to Makefile.in, to minimize
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Added RPM/ so that git status doesn't mention that it's an untracked file.
      The docs/Makefile install target didn't do anything before.  Added
      Replaced use of GNU make shell function with backticks.  These were
      Added comments about source of description, etc.
      Added --with-rpmdir configure option so that user can set location of RPM 
build root.
      Replaced cvs with git references.  I'm not sure about the cgit
      Changed second argument of calls to part_ok() and type_ok() from
      Removed unused vmh.c and wmh.c.
      Reworked nmh.spec to support rpmbuild from source RPM.
      Moved #endif so that lockit () is only declared with DOT_LOCKING, to 
avoid compile warning without it.
      Added note about cpio failing to unpack an nmh tarball.
      Feed fileproc and mhlproc from rcvdist, send, whatnow, and whom to post.
      Feed fileproc and mhlproc from rcvdist, send, and whatnow to post.
      Feed fileproc and mhlproc from rcvdist, send, and whatnow to post.
      Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'origin'
      Fixed trivial compile warnings.
      Added datarootdir definitions to silence warnings from configure.
      Merge branch 'fileproc_mhlproc_to_post'
      Quoted argument to AC_LINK_IFELSE to silence authoheader warnings.
      Added removal of autom4te.cache directory to mostlyclean-local.
      Added note about fileproc and mhlproc mh-profile entries.
      Added Content-Description header with the filename of the attachment, 
with attachformats 1 and 2. This seems to be common practice now and gives 
mhlist something useful to display.
      Removed hard-coded -I.. and -I../.. from INCLUDES, it was redundant given 
      Wrapped #include of config.h with #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H, just in case 
someone ever wants to build without using configure.
      Removed traces of bboards and bbc from mh-profile and msh man pages.  
Added see also of msh to packf man page.
      gcc -Wempty-body warned that the check of the result from the call to 
parse_mime() was ignored.  It has been that way since the beginning of history 
and was probably of no consequence, but fixed anyway.
      Removed unused bcmp, bcopy, bcpy, and bzero #defines.
      Removed a remaining RETSIGTYPE.  Also change a few locals from int to 
unsigned to prevent signed-unsigned comparison mismatch.
      Added #include <grp.h>.  It's needed on Linux, should be harmless on 
      Removed unused global zones and local z form dtimezone ().
      Removed or protected some unused macros.
      Removed, or added use of, unused macros to prevent warnings from gcc 
      Removed unsupported format and check switches, and commented out unused 
macro HMNG.
      Enabled support for tls switch.
      Added -Wunused-macros with gcc, if supported.  Added -Wno-unused-macros,
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Added NMH_UNUSED macro for suppressing warnings about unused parameters
      Documented support of OURDEFS to pass compile flags to configure.
      configure.ac and aclocal.m4 instead of configure.in and acconfig.h.
      gcc -Wmissing-field-initializers noticed several struct initializations
      Changed types and added casts so that build is clean with gcc 
      Added -Wextra with gcc, if supported.
      Cleaned up gcc warnings when CYRUS_SASL is not enabled.
      Fixed warnings from gcc -Wclobbered by adding volatile qualifiers.
      Argument to alrmser is unused.
      Fixed build on Cygwin by adding configure check for ncurses/termcap.h.
      Added EXEEXT support, for Cygwin.
      Pass int instead of char to iscntrl() and isspace() because that's what 
they require, and gcc on Cygwin warns about it.
      Removed HAVE_STRUCT_TM_TM_GMTOFF support because it didn't work on Cygwin 
and isn't needed:  timezone, tzname, and tzset() are all POSIX.
      Wrapped setjmp(), sigsetjmp(), and vfork() calls to silence gcc 
-Wclobbered for good.  Undid ca34fbd0a5204d47ad019f64ef03d21ebd3397fd, which 
added volatile qualifiers but was not general.
      Well the wrap of vfork() calls didn't work:  its semantics don't allow 
that.  So removed the wrapper and added -Wno-clobbered to gcc -Wextra.
      Undid most of 3ef341abe440ece07f8deed59fb026ab020e805 because FreeBSD 
needs the HAVE_STRUCT_TM_TM_GMTOFF test.  It has a timezone() function, not a 
timezone global variable (that's visible with our default configuration.
      Removed unused local bp.
      If using gcc, use -Wno-unused-macros when compiling sbr/dtime.o.
      Updated config test to add -Wextra to be consistent with others.  So, 
it's back!
      Fixed rpm target now that nmhdist is gone.
      Removed slash in front of $(man5dir) of install-data-hook rule so that it 
now works on Cygwin.
      Added uip/*.exe, for Cygwin.
      Added clean-local target to remove RPM directory.
      Changed a variable to unsigned and noted an argument as unused to silence 
compile warnings in uip/popsbr.c
      Updated to latest config.guess and config.sub before removing them from 
the repo, just in case someone needs them and can't generate them.
      Removed config.guess and config.sub because they're generated by 
autoreconf -i.
      Added superclean Makefile target.  Added a.out.DSYM's to clean target.  
Added .PHONY indication of rpm target.
      Organized .gitignore to show which objects are deleted by the various 
Makefile clean targets.
      Replaced static ChangeLog with one generated by git log.
      The www.ics.uci.edu/~mh/ links are dead, so replaced them with 
corresponding oreilly.com links.
      Made ChangeLog phony so it will always get regenerated.  But don't try to 
regenerated if git repository is not present.
      Made ChangeLog target phony so it will always get regenerated.  But don't 
try to regenerate if git repository is not present.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Added #includes to pick up declaration of waitpid()
      Use more up-to-date web page links of Jerry Peek's book sections at 
rand-mh.sourceforge.net instead of oreilly.com.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Exit with error message if no library could be found with tgetent.
      Added error message if the file is source directly, rather than through 
      Reworked test suite to copy the configuration used in the main
      Caught by the test suite:  sequences[0] needs to be initialized to NULL 
at the beginning of the program.  That explains why it seg faulted when invoked 
with a sequence argument.
      Some tests failed because they displayed the user's local
      Another one caught by the test suite:  an indented line was too long in 
the slocal man page.  Center it instead.
      Reverted TZ hack to tests, 9ea2daf5e74e3ff03043cfa6fb68033aea0da52a.  A 
code fix is on its way
      Removed use of tzset()/tzname in dtimezone().  They caused the returned 
timezone string to be for the user's current timezone, but the function is 
supposed to return the string representation of the timezone of its argument.  
That will be numeric, e.g., +0100, now because we no longer have timezone name 
      Added OURDEFS to DEFS in Makefile.am, to restore it in the Makefile.  
Updated documentation in INSTALL.
      Always run setup-test from make test/runalltests, just in case the test 
build directory (test/testbuild) isn't up to date.  It might be nice to replace 
all the copies in the test build directory with symlinks, then make could keep 
the test build up to date.
      Added mhshow subpart test.
      Updated INSTALL and MACHINES documentation a bit.
      Show assignment of configure variables using VAR=VALUE instead of in the 
shell environment.
      Fixed progress indicator.
      Changed "make test" to "make check".
      Updated documentation of environment variables in mh-profile man page.
      Rearranged test suite environment variables so that individual tests
      Moved check() function from individual tests to common.sh.
      Hacked to work with make distcheck.  Maybe not the best way but it works 
for now.
      Added a couple of NMH_UNUSED's to suppress warnings when building without 
Cyrus SASL.
      Here's the proper fix instead of the hack of 
d28ce569fe233141f86fe516878361da01c9f9cb.  Use ${srcdir} in to refer to extra 
files in tests, as before.
      Enclosed program name and directory in double quotes so that they can 
contain whitespace.
      Initialized local "in" to suppress gcc warning about possible 
uninitialized use.
      The test check() function now removes the expected and actual output 
files if they're the same, by default.  Added check-string() function.
      Added mhpath test.  Updated mhpath man page to reflect actual behavior 
for a message number greater than that of the highest existing message in a 
      Have each test clean up after itself if it completes successfully.
      Consolidated runtest and check_string test functions.
      gcc was warning about unused arguments to main, so added use of them in a 
usage check.
      Moved "make check" to after "make install".
      Ken noted that "make check" can be run before installation because the 
only program in lib that the tests currently use is mhlproc, and we have an 
mhlproc entry in the test .mh_profile for that.  Added showproc and postproc 
entries in case they're ever needed.
      Removed unused local ncomps because gcc complained about it.
      Migrated a couple more tests to use run_test() in common.sh.
      With "make rpm", configure all modified files in sysconfdir (etc) to be 
saved when erasing or upgrading the package.  Also, leave the doc directory 
whereever "make install" puts it.
      Updated to reflect that all of the lists are on nongnu.org.
      Removed reference to mhost.com.
      Don't list _sysconfdir/ directory in RPM spec.  We don't list any other 
directories, so now it will be created with the same permissions as all of the 
      Added test-flist and test-mark sequences tests.
      Added gcov and gcov-clean targets.
      Changed type of a local to unsigned and removed local ncomps to suppress 
compile warnings.
      Suppress echoing of man page build lines.  One of them says "warning", 
and it's handy to check that build output doesn't say that.
      Added test-pick.
      They test with output to a tty didn't work under make distcheck.  Tried 
to work around it by writing directly to /dev/tty, if that's available.
      Fixed to report failure if getfulname hadn't been built yet.
      Changed domains in man page and test examples to use example.com
      Added cast in conditional to prevent signed/unsigned comparison, and 
wrapped argument to prevent warning about unused argument when built without 
SASL support.
      Removed blank line after "End of Forwarded Message" lines.  It's
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Added docs/historical/.  See README for where they were found.
      Added sources to historical documents downloaded from
      Removed the sources to the historical documents just added, they're
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Added all of the MH sources, including RCS files, in
      Initialized local msgnum to 0.
      Removed entire docs/historical/mh-6.8.5/local/ tree.  It had a pair of
      Under docs/historical/mh-6.8.5, mh.rf and mh.me were renamed to
      Removed RCS sparc object file.
      Added documentation of -snoop.
      Brought mh-chart man page up to date.
      mhbuild -check would always fail because it tried to build the
      Added test-mhlist.
      Initialized local wasdlm to prevent uninitialized use.
      Fixed example to show that mhparam preserves case of component name.
      Removed ignored -verbose (and -noverbose) options to mhstore, just in the 
man pages.  The code remains unchanged.
      Escape spaces in DEFAULTS sections of man pages so they no longer are 
      Some of the man pages had mentioned that arguments should be
      Removed all traces of rmfproc.  It had been used by bbl but was
      Added test-mhparam and test-mhstore.
      Replaced us-ascii with iso-8859-1 in examples, just because.
      Added test-refile.
      1) Removed -noverbose from defaults of mhshow man page.  While it
      Fixed mhlist -verbose to work with all content types [Bug #35219].
      Enabled all groff warnings, with -ww, in manpages test.  Fixed a bunch
      Removed bash-ism from test-pick.
      Replaced UTC-8 with UTF-8.
      There were two fd leaks in mhparse.c:
      Fixed mhstore to honor nmh-storage profile entry even with -auto [Bug 
      Promote uid_t value to long and print with %ld to prevent compile
      On some platforms, need to be out of $SPDIR in order to remove it.
      Added test/getfqnd.c, a replacement for "hostname" that always
      Changed output_md5() to output just the checksum.  If the filename
      Disabled the optimization to stop stat'ing directory entries in
      Initialized local format_len.  gcc on 64-bit Linux warned about it.
      Added mhshow-suffix-text/calendar.
      Removed some unused code having to do with permissions of symlinks.
      Commmiting last manual update of mh-chart.man before removing it.
      Automated generation of mh-chart.man.
      Automated generation of mh-chart.man.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      In gcov target, added warning if configured with --enable-debug.
      Added whom, it's the fifth program referred to in mh-draft man page.
      Added documentation of -sever, -port, -sasl, -saslmech, -snoop, -user,
      Added test-whom.
      Added release note that ./@ is obsolete/deprecated.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Fixed harmless compile warnings.
      If a pager isn't specified with configure --with-pager, look in order
      Moved NMH_READLINE to after our setting of CFLAGS, because
      Added function escape_display_name() to double quote, if not already,
      Cleaned up compile warnings.
      Ensure that escape_display_name() can't overrun a buffer.
      Fixed Cygwin notes.
      Removed -realsize from man page because mhshow doesn't support it.
      Note that %(myname) truncates the GECOS field at the first comma, if
      Added test-install-mh.
      Removed the hostable option from mts.conf because it's no longer used.
      Removed hostable relics from h/mts.h and sbr/mts.c.
      Added const qualifier to a couple of local pointers to get rid of compile 
warnings with --with-tls.
      Moved nmh.spec and docs/replyfilter to new docs/contrib/ directory.
      Changed rmm, send, and whatnow man pages to be consistent with the
      Fixed install-mh -auto test by specifying HOME.
      Added mhparam test of each component in procs array in uip/mhparam.c.
      Reworked mhparam tests of components in procs array to depend on
      Changed test-mhparam to allow # sbackup.
      Added docs/contrib/build_nmh script.
      Removed unused Hesiod relic.
      Tweaked build_nmh to work with Cygwin.
      Undid wrapping of setjmp() and sigsetjmp() of
      Added -Wno-sign-compare, if supported, to compile of sbr/dtimep.c.
      Added declaration of __srget() on Cygwin.  Used point solution because

David Malone (1):
      Add support to inc for incorporting email from Maildir dropboxes.

Doug Morris (27):
      Initial revision
      Modified configure to use config.guess and config.sub to auto-detect
      Added notes about the configure change.
      use mkstemp on systems that have it
      added explanation of change made two nights ago.
      added my name to the change
      configure, configure.in stamp-h.in, and uip/Makefile.in modified to fix
      fix for configure to find db1/ndbm.h in new linux systems
      updating changelog, should have been done with last commit
      Lots of little code cleanups to prevent warnings - mostly making sure
      updates to post.c and termsbr.c that prevent warnings on OpenBSD
      moved canonical guesses back into user config section of config.h
      updated manpage's Makefile and modified the way configure tests to see 
      fixed bug in mh-profile/mh_profile manpage link - it did not check first
      replaced the BIND guess (based on BSDishness) with checks for 
gethostbyname and sethostent
      sunos/solaris modifications
      changes to allow building under Mac OS X/Rhapsody
      fixed libtool check, sort of...
      fixed test in Makefiles for LIBTOOL for the case where it doesn't exist
      updated the TODO list and bumped the revision to 1.0.2.
      release nmh-1.0.2
      updated INSTALL directions
      added Todd Miller's packf patch
      bug fix - prevents core-dumping on scan -format '1'
      Moved most of the documentation into a new "docs" subdirectory. Added a 
MAILING-LISTS file talking about the lists and archives, and updated the FAQ to 
refer to it.
      reorganized documentation to make it bit neater again
      added lint targets for Makefiles and a configure test to find whether 
lclint or lint is installed on the system.

Earl Hood (4):
      * mts/smtp/smtp.c: added SASL support if mts configuration
      * Bug #15213, #18635: The use of the insecure m_scratch() and
      Fixed variable declaration so older compilers will not complain.
      #ifdef AI_ADDRCONFIG since older IPv4-only systems may not define this 

Eric Gillespie (18):
      s/ls/cd/ in comment (probably pasted from test-ls)
      * sbr/discard.c, sbr/m_getfld.c, uip/scansbr.c: Add support for
      Ignore test-temp-dir.
      * test/tests/mhshow/test-qp: Test various valid and invalid
      * test/tests/bad-input/test-header: Add test for it.
      Add descriptive headers, as other tests have.
      Oops, meant to use $failed (number of failed checks) as the exit code.
      * h/mhparse.h: Move interfaces also used by mhbuildsbr.c here
      * uip/Makefile.in, uip/popi.c: Remove popi.c, which has been dead
      * uip/pick.c: Print matching messages immediately, instead of
      * uip/pick.c: Ensure valid sequence name as soon as we parse it from
      * sbr/ambigsw.c: Send print_sw output to stderr.  This avoids
      This is what happens with last-minute "safe" improvements: actually point
      * test/setup-test: Don't run autogen.sh unless needed.  Build in a
      * test/runtest, test/tests/inc/test-deb359167,
      Note 'new' commands.
      * etc/mhn.defaults.sh: Never try to make mhshow start xterm.

Glenn Burkhardt (35):
      Allowed gdbm as substitute for Berkeley db1/ndbm.h libdb1 (check for
      allow gdbm/ndbm.h in addition to db1/ndbm.h; needs corresponding change in
      Changed use of GNU "simply expanded variables" for MAN1, MAN5, MAN8, so
      fix for bug #578 repl leaks umask; there are several other
      prevent double free of 'ce->cd_file' or later use of invalid data
      made RFC 2822 compliant, using an "In-reply-to:" format
      Re-write for clarity, using major contributions from
      fix bug #1393, "sortm core dumps", using patch provided by
      bump date so everything gets a new timestamp for 1.1
      use symbols for date and version so values are
      Default templates for 'comp', 'forw', 'dist', 'repl' now include
      Updated description of default template to reflect current
      restored use of %manext5% for man section, which was lost
      more detail for bugs fixed, so reader doesn't need to go to Bugzilla
      Added documentation of "Dcc", per recent discussion on mailing list
      add command to remove $(libdir)/install-mh prior to creating the link
      corrected typo for nroff directive
      Apply bug fix reported to Debian (#136976) by Peter Maydell; allows
      fixed typo:  example for scan.default didn't include proper terminating
      added cross references
      Increase timeouts to comply with RFC 1123; Debian bug report #152728 by 
Ian Jackson
      status of action wasn't saved for use by 'N' result, so when 'N' was
      make 'spost' handling of "masquerade:" line of mts.conf containing
      Removed space between command name and man section number (e.g.,
      update 'mp->lowmsg' from 0 to 1 during regular 'inc' from mail spool;
      fix handling of "-list" and "-seq" options, so behavior is orthoganal.
      note recent changes
      [bug #4297] The strlen mh-format function can crash if 'str' is null.
      [bug #4296] PUTD() macro can't hack 10 digit values
      [bug #4296] PUTD() macro can't hack 10 digit values
      corrected termination condition for fill character introduced in last 
      [bug #4302] errno is not always an extern int
      restored use of PUTDF() macro; was broken in versions 1.10-1.12;
      db configuration fix for Debian; yet another location for ndbm.

Jeffrey C Honig (2):
      When compiling format strings, nmh attempts to avoid multiple parsing
      The first ``inc'' into an empty folder would not update the unseen

Joel Reicher (22):
      Fixed a small typo.
      Completing the .cvsignore list(s).
      Created app_msgarg() (append message arg) and a simple resizable array
      Make print_aka() and print_usr() static. They're not used outside ali.c.
      Get rid of some trivial warnings; unused variables, ambiguous if-else,
      Sanitised some dodgy homedir finding code, but it still might not make
      Fixed a couple of typos.
      Created function open_form() to open form file or fallback to default
      Fixed a typo.
      ssequal() does not check for a substring, but for a prefix, so added a
      Created pluspath function to check for '+' prefix and change flag for
      Fixed bug introduced when changing from check_folder() to new
      Changed bold "-all" to unbolded "all". It's a reserved msgs word, not a 
      Application of patch #5218: patch for bug #9742. Fixes a typo in the
      Fix for bug #11139: mhl -form mhl.reply omits '> ' on some lines.
      We're not using the .Bu macro anymore.
      Change all chars being passed to the ctype macros (isalph(), etc.) to
      buffer is compared with cp, and so needs to be changed to unsigned too.
      Change link-time overriding of done() to run-time reassigning of 
      Refactor cts pointer and free()ing on abnormal exit of associated list
      Return type of (*done)() changed to void. default_done() replaced by
      Insert types for args of some function pointers to improve type checking.

Jon Steinhart (25):
      Added an improved user interface for sending messages with attachments.
      Moved this file here from the root directory.
      Added external program hooks.
      New routine that provides interface to external programs.
      The file README-ATTACHMENTS was removed - it has been moved to the docs
      Changed to move install-mh to the bin directory instead of the lib
      Removed the reference to the library directory since this now goes in bin.
      Fixed a bug in the waitpid version where it would return incorrectly if a
      Fixed a typo in the SRCS definition; had a .o where it should have been a 
      Fixed bug that was producing an incorrect path for the external hook.
      Fixed bug in which the static maildir was overwritted if a format string
      Fixed strange bug that prevented a lock from ever being obtained if 
      Fixed bug that caused anno to mangle headers.
      Fixed another weird bug caused by the static mailpath being overwritten.
      Fixed calling of external hooks.
      Fixed wrong directory for hook when refiling with -src option.
      Removed unnecessary code.
      Fixed typo in comment.
      Fixed problem where the refile hook was being called after a message was
      Added mail directory argument to folder_addmsg in order to make it 
      Rolled version.  Should have done it last time!
      Fixed a bug where anno -append put the headers in the wrong place
      *** empty log message ***
      Fixed annotate call for new delete argument values.
      Rolled release.

Josh Bressers (30):
      Update the instructions for subscribing to the nmh-workers list
      Fix the AC_PATH_PROG default when sendmail isn't found during build.
      Fix the AC_PATH_PROG default when vi isn't found during build.
      * uip/sendsbr.c (annoaux): Fix the call to annotate()
      * Fedora Bug #163760: sbr/context_read.c (context_read): Ensure that the
      * patch #3966: Create a mh_xmalloc function to prevent mistakes when
      * patch #3967: Create a mh_xrealloc function to prevent mistakes when
      Remove sbr/pwd.c file, moving the pwd() function into sbr/utils.c.
      * mh_xmalloc(), mh_xrealloc(), pwd(): Add comments describing the purpose
      * patch #3968: Move the add() function from its own file (add.c) and
      * Remove sbr/strerror.c -- strerror(3) is defined in C89.
      * sbr/fmt_scan.c: Turn the PUTSF macro into a function capable of handling
      * sbr/fmt_scan.c:PUTSF() Fix an off by one formatting issue.
      * sbr/fmt_scan.c: Add the missing wchar.h include
      * uip/post.c, uip/spost.c: Move the uptolow macro from spost.c to post.c
      * sbr/m_draft.c, sbr/utils.c, uip/folder.c, uip/inc.c, uip/mhstoresbr.c,
      Add missing create_folder prototype.
      * h/utils.h, sbr/utils.c, uip/flist.c, uip/folder.c: Move duplicate
      * (mh_strcasecmp): Rename the private strcasecmp function to 
      * sbr/fmt_rfc2047.c (decode_rfc2047): Don't close the iconv descriptor if
      * configure.in: If we're not using dotlocking, there is no need to set inc
      Add a missing header file
      Initial checkin of a testsuite
      * Red Hat Bug #253342: inc.c, utils.c, utils.h: When inc is run with the
      * uip/mhshowsbr.c (show_all_messages): Be more generous when parsing
      Remove an accidentally committed file
      * man/repl.man, etc/mhl.reply:
      * test/runtest: cat test-temp-dir only once.  Destroy and create
      * test/setup-test: Run 'make clean' before building
      Remove duplicate sm_fgetc() declaration

Ken Hornstein (214):
      Remove autoconf-generated files (and note such files in .cvsignore)
      Add/update copyright notice in all source code files.
      Update for new version.
      Remove these undefines (why were they in there?)
      Bring these changes over from the branch.
      Remove this file on the head as well.
      Merge in locking fixes into the main line.
      Quiet lock warning.
      Fix from branch.
      Merge in changes from the 1.1 branch.
      Man page fix from Igor Sobrado
      Massive overhaul of networking code.  Changes:
      Move freeaddrinfo() to inside of our loop; this prevents a memory leak
      Fix warning in getaddrinfo() call.
      (Minor) cleanup of some of the autoconf code with respect to the handling
      Fix the test for sasl.h to look in the correct place.
      Change configure.in to emit a warning when an argument is given to
      Update for git conversions (and cleanup of autogen.sh to use autoreconf)
      Whoops, forgot to bracket the calls for TLS shutdown with a #ifdef 
      Remove RCS keywords, since they no longer work after git migration.
      Massive garbage collection.  Remove functionality for APOP, RPOP,
      Make sure we ignore config.h.in~
      All of the arguments to AC_ARG_ENABLE need to be quoted, otherwise the
      Fix so this compiles without SASL support.
      Updated the developer README with a few notes about the git conversion.
      Whoops, user & port were in the wrong order so msgchk didn't work for POP
      Since we're now moving past 1.4, bump this.
      Make sure to ignore the nmh dist file.
      Make sure to not reset hghnum (in the Maildir code) if we are 
      Updated these files since we've finally got 1.4 out the door.
      Switch to using buffered I/O when doing TLS (but only for output).
      Updated pending-release-notes
      Sigh.  I put the documentation about the -tls switch in the long 
      No longer need to check for the existance of sys/utsname.h
      Update configure file for removal of POSIX-mandated header files.
      No longer check for termio.h or termios.h
      Remove autoconf ospeed checks
      Get rid of checking for vfork(), since we no longer use.
      No longer check for the mkstemp() function in the mkstemp library.
      Switch to standard autoconf macro for checking d_type field in struct 
      Whoops, for right now we do need those signal function checks.
      Bring in all of the mh-e support that is actually used to be compiled by
      Update this with mh-e changes.
      Garbage collect all of the old UCI #ifdef'd code.
      Switch the use of LOCKDIR in acconfig.h to --enable-lockdir.
      Not sure why we're checking for st_blksize; it's required by POSIX and
      Remove DBMPWD, make it the default.
      Remove last vestiges of #ifdef BANG
      Huh, turns out this define hasn't worked in forever ... the original
      Garbage-collect RPATHS support.
      Garbage-collect SLOCAL_MBOX (and make it the default).
      Garbage-collect MHRC (and make it the default).
      Garbage collect all of the builtin ftp client support.
      Huh, apparantly I got rid of any support for POPSERVICE over a year
      Hardcode the defaults for Msg-Protect and Folder-Protect.  Also fix the
      Move definition of LINK to mh header file, and garbage collect ATTVIBUG 
      Switch from using RETSIGTYPE via autoconf to void, since POSIX says that's
      Finally able to get rid of acconfig.h!  Since we're doing slightly better
      We are making POSIX signal support a requirement; remove all support for
      Garbage collect autoconf support for checking for the header file for 
      Clean up time handling; always assume we have tzset() and that the right
      Remove OS-specific defines.  As part of it, remove scary longjmp() inside
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Fix two errors in the conversion to m_mktemp2():
      Ignore a.out.DSYM (this file sometims shows up when using the debugger)
      Completely remove the use of TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME (I removed the autoconf
      Create two new mh-format functions: %(putlit) and %(concataddr).
      Update README.developers with the correct version of autoconf we need.
      Add some comments to the format compiler and engine.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Convert from utmp functions to utmpx functions (which are in POSIX).
      Update .gitignore with .DS_Store (seen occasionally on MacOS X systems).
      Change the name of AC_CHECK_NETLIBS, since it's not a macro distributed
      Convert from our use of aclocal.m4 to a subdirectory with autoconf macros
      Convert the build system over to the use of Automake.
      Fix some problems that the Automake migration caused.
      Add the rule to install inc setgid if requested.
      Clean up DESTDIR usage.
      Make sigmsg.h NOT depend on the Makefile.
      Create a "cscope" target that creates the necessary files to use cscope.
      Make POP support always be turned on.
      Convert to the use of siglongjmp()
      Fix long-standing problem with getans(); handle the case if we get
      Create "nowrap" flag to turn off all line wrapping.
      Add support for calling an external format program inside of mhl.
      Whoops, I need to make sure the buffer I pass to putcomp() is 
      Move the eval statements inside of AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS_POST macro, 
      Document the formatproc entry.
      Update with new features.
      Beginnings of an upload Makefile target.
      Make the upload target phony.
      Convert from the poorly-named and confusing adrsprintf() to 
      Change LocalName() to take an argument (about whether or not to use
      Whoops, used "buffer" when I meant "buf".
      Autoconf cleanup to suggested practice (AS_IF & AC_MSG_FAILURE).  More to 
      More configure cleanup to modern constructs.
      Update the developer documentation with the changes to the release
      Patch from Harvey Eneman: fixes problem on some systems where a free()
      Still more autoconf cleanup (quoting & more use of M4sh).
      Fix typo in variable test.
      With the fixing of the bug that caused CPPFLAGS to get tromped on, remove
      Make the test suite work on systems other than Linux.  Still needs work.
      Fix typo in alternate mts.conf location support.
      Re-work the test suite so it now works with Automake (via "make check").
      Switch to using the "inst" version of mhl for tests.
      Switch over to using the template files out of our inst directory.
      Fix this so it works when valgrind is installed.
      Another problem discovered by the test suite.
      Add two new format functions: %(myhost) and %(myname).
      Support getting the "fullname" out of the Signature profile setting.
      Beginning of support for the Local-Mailbox profile entry.
      Hm, it turns out we need to make sure we call getname() until we get
      Sigh.  Turns out the first entry in the list isn't actually checked, so
      Make it so we do NOT check our address against the "local" userid and
      Create test cases for the new format functions for local address writing.
      Fix typo in repl man page.
      Hopefully made the format documentation a little bit clearer.
      Report an error when the width used by putaddr is less than the label 
      Switch to including h/mts.h for getusername() prototype.
      Sigh.  Looks like we need a function after all; create a new function
      Beginning support for mh-format support in comp(1).  Includes changes to
      Fix a bug leftover from the Automake conversion; the AC_SUBST'd variable
      Add support for "to", "cc", "from", and "fcc" components via command-line
      Clean up documentation formatting
      Put default From: headers in these component files, and document the
      Switch from (me) to (localmbox) to make -cc me work correctly.
      Add support for a -subject switch to comp.
      Create a test for the new mh-format processing available in comp(1).
      Finally, some support for mh-format when using forw(1).  Still needs some
      Beginnings of a test suite for the mh-format support in forw.
      Add a new README documenting the changes to the components files.
      Update the pending release notes with new features.
      Fix up some of the pick tests:
      A test for forw -digest.  It doesn't quite work yet.
      Remove the forw-digest test until we have it working.
      Make -volume switch actually work (it always got overridden).  As far
      Update digestcomps and forwcomps with comments and better formatting.
      Got the forw -digest test working.
      Clean up some typos in here.
      Document changes to forw(1).
      Add support for -nosasl and -saslmaxssf switches.
      Fix bug #1466.  It turns out that RFC 934 specifies that any line starting
      Add the note about the burst(1) change to pending-release-notes.
      Part of the patch from bug #4301; clean up our prototypes, a lot.  Still
      Add support for %(msg) function working when not using -digest.  I can't
      Improve these man pages a bit.
      Fix this man page for the New World Order.
      dist(1) now processes drafts using mh-format!  The last of the programs
      Argh, I didn't mean to commit the distcomps I was using for testing!
      Fix a segfault that happens when using the -file option.
      Fixed a problem that caused the test to fail if you ran it on the first
      %G isn't actually part of POSIX, so change to %Y.
      A test for burst; still needs work.
      Fix burst so it actually complies with RFC 934.  This means discarding
      Change this to use "uint32_t" for a 32-bit type, otherwise we can get
      Update with recent fix.
      Finally got a reasonable burst test working.
      SMTPMTS has been the default for over a decade, so it's time to get rid of
      Clean up a bunch of unused code and options.  Specifically:
      Add support for a -notls switch, for consistency's sake.
      Require From: header in all outgoing messages.
      New changes: Sender: cannot be blank, Sender: always overrides From:
      Create proper prototypes for formataddr() and concataddr().
      Modify getfullname so it performs the same processing that
      Fix the SMTP code so it doesn't end up in a hard loop during a DATA
      A new test program, fakesmtp, to help us test post.
      Make sure we don't send Envelope-From if we're using spost.
      New test suite for "post"; uses fakesmtp to trap the SMTP protocol.
      I guess the -i option to sed works differently on Linux and MacOS
      Fix some warnings.
      Clean up prototypes.
      Remove all masquerade support (draft_from is now the default, and the 
      A test for the group addressing functionality handled by "post".
      Call readconfig() on mhn.defaults so we get default entries in for use
      Add some more default MIME content suffixes.
      Whoops, forgot to put "." before some of the suffixes.
      Update post(8) regarding the New World Order.
      Create new switches -atfile and -noatfile to control the creation of the @
      Update for changes to post.
      Make -attach Nmh-Attachment & -attachformat 1 the default.
      Improve the documentation for "send" a bit in terms of how it maps file
      Fix typo in man page
      Fix a bug where a message header ending right on the stdio boundary
      Just for sanity's sake, double check the "inc" results also with "scan".
      Basic work to add arguments to formatproc calls.
      Use _exit() instead of exit() so our writer process doesn't flush out
      Document formatarg.
      It turns out that as part of POSIXification we got rid of checks for
      Revert previous change to get rid of MULTIBYTE_SUPPORT ifdef.  It turns 
      Support for readline command history, editing, and completion at the
      If the number of messages in a folder is zero, then don't try to
      Modify the whatnow tests to deal with different versions of readline;
      Revert commit 255d4c646c0d7aa6b049052fef47fa083b1b1506 and solve
      Sigh.  Turns out last change broke a few tests, because it trimmed the
      Add this support for setting the CT_ADDR flag.
      Add support for %(size).
      Implement fix in 59b086daa57105e8fbd8b1e6ba60be6a845faf95 here as well.
      Bring in replyfilter to the docs directory.
      Whoops, fix a typo in my last commit.
      Fix some bugs in replyfilter.
      A few more bugs I didn't catch earlier.
      Fixed some more charset/encoding stuff.
      Sigh.  More corner cases to deal with!
      Refere to VERSION via srcdir so this works when doing objdir builds.
      Fix forw so it respects the -form switch again for non-digests.
      Add support for -fmtproc and -nofmtproc switches to repl.
      Clean up fakesmtp and the post tests a bit to hopefully reduce race
      More updates to replyfilter
      Support -fmtproc -nofmtproc in show.
      Sigh.  More changes for newer versions of perl.
      Change the cscope target slightly so the source code from the historical
      Implment -noatfile in a different way; it turns out my previous change
      Clean up install documentation a bit.
      Clean up help messages a bit.

Kimmo Suominen (21):
      SASL support from Ken Hornstein <address@hidden>.
      Note SASL commit.
      SASL mods.
      SASL stuff.
      SASL stuff.
      Add "--with-backup-prefix" so it can be set easily.
      Note "--with-backup-prefix".
      Changed "--with-backup-prefix" to "--with-hash-backup" because # is too
      Still missed one SASL stuff thing.
      Keep this working with other makes than GNU.
      So I don't think you can commit these all in a single commit.
      Note replacement of GNU-makeism in sbr/Makefile.in with a common 
      We ignore the fact that the user requested SASL, since the pipe to the
      Complete HAVE_MKSTEMP.
      Got rid of one mktemp.
      If $LIBTOOL is empty we should not try to run it.
      Iterating the commit a bit, I think this is how it works without extra
      Added answer.
      Make "make install" work in etc/Makefile.in
      Fix detection of non-mime messages when the charset is not enclosed

Lyndon Nerenberg (18):
      Deprecate uname() in favour of (Posix) gethostname().
      Eliminate '#ifdef HAVE_FOO' for Posix-mandated FOOs.
      Collapse termio/termios/sgtty terminal interface code down to
      Ignore OSPEED/ospeed in termcap. Nothing current should need this.
      Remove HAVE_ARPA_FTP_H and arpa/ftp.h references.
      Import non-Posix <arpa/ftp.h> for uip/ftpsbr.c.
      Replace <arpa/ftp.h> with "h/arpa_ftp.h".
      Remove compatibility functions that are always provided by the
      Make use of mkstemp() unconditional (vs. mktemp().
      Clean up process wait to use POSIX waitpid() interface.
      Add back missing include of <sys/wait.h>
      Nuke directory processing conditionals; use dirent.h.
      Include <stdio.h> for snprintf() prototype.
      Remove overrides for 'broken' stat macros.
      Remove #ifdef around use of sigsetjmp().
      Typo fix.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      This is a test commit to se if the savannah git hub will stop spewing

Markus Schnalke (3):
      document msg parameter to folder
      improve mhparam man page
      fix typo and clarify two sentences in mhpath man page

Oliver Kiddle (42):
      Fix -part option to mhshow/mhlist/mhstore to find sub-parts of the 
      US-ASCII is a subset of UTF-8 so can be handled directly when UTF-8 is
      On systems where it is available, use nl_langinfo to get the character
      Added -proxy option to inc and msgchk
      Added -proxy option to inc and msgchk
      acknowledge that my change was based on an older patch from Michael 
      fix bug where inc crashed on failing to reopen the terminal
      Updated config.guess and config.sub to the most recent versions
      fix Debian bug #202667: crash when a message's filename overflows an int
      use iconv to convert RFC-2047 encoded headers to the character set used
      fill in a few of the missing ChangeLog entries
      Carl Mummert: add unquote() function for removing quotes from RFC-2822 
      fix a bug affecting AFS where nmh was setting the READONLY flag for a
      add bash completion definitions from Debian
      correct SASL include file locations
      test/report error writing to stdout
      use fork instead of vfork on Linux
      Harald Geyer: back out fork/vfork workaround and handle the issue directly
      include new files in distribution
      speed up flist by skipping stat on files with numbers as names
      fix for newer version of flex and remove autogenerated file from cvs
      fail when kpop connection attempted without KPOP support compiled in
      replace obsolete autoconf macros
      prepend DESTDIR to install locations
      update most references to the web page and mailing list locations
      Simon Burge: fix to handle getutent() on NetBSD
      bug #739: install target now depends on all to avoid problem on
      remove link to install-mh that caused problems on some systems
      multiply buffer size by MB_CUR_MAX so multi-byte chars fit
      remove remnants of code for MMDF
      *** empty log message ***
      more robust multi-byte/column support for field widths
      fix bug with insertion of newline being wrong if the num function was 
used at
      add autoconf magic to support old systems that don't support multibyte 
      use AS_HELP_STRING for formatting help messages
      remove trailing newlines from components to fix bug with spaces at the 
end of
      don't try to malloc 0 bytes if an RFC2047 encoded block is empty
      and close iconv handle if encoded block empty
      move most remaining macros out of acconfig.h which is an obsolete feature 
      don't use $< in target rules in makefiles, as POSIX says it's only defined
      switches need to be renumbered following removal of some switches so,
      fix badly formatted code found by Markus Schnalke

Paul Fox (5):
      this commit:
      fixes case where a very long character-class range (128 or
      add one more hint for developers, to explicitly point at 
      mhshow: suppress pause actions if stdout isn't a tty
      correct the maximum number of sequences in the mark(1) man page

Paul Vixie (1):
      Signed-off-by: Ken Hornstein <address@hidden>

Peter Maydell (76):
      Add an AC_PREREQ so we don't just fail with an obscure error message if
      Remove space between -o and output filename so it works on older versions
      Don't fclose() the file twice in error-exit paths from get_content()
      Fix a compile error if building nmh with --enable-apop.
      Fix various buffer overruns in fmt_scan.c; the bulk of this is passing
      Fix a non-ANSI prototype.
      Fix buffer overrun in address parsing code (would only show up if
      Use context/ctxpath==NULL to indicate that no context file should be read,
      Forgot to quote the bug number in the changelog comment.
      Pass some globals into sm_init() so that it uses SASL if necessary.
      [bug #9813] Don't crash after removing the folder if the context file
      Special-case an MHCONTEXT of "/dev/null" and don't try to lock it -- some
      Make it clearer that lower-case envariables aren't supposed to be set
      Change some non-standard formatting in a previous log entry so it matches
      Improve the checks for where to find ndbm (dbm_open etc); should now
      Fix stupid accidental dependence on a bash quirk in previous
      Rework detection and handling of ndbm: we now check for a working
      Avoid non-portable use of $< outside an inference rule.
      Install scripts with INSTALL_SCRIPT so INSTALL_PROGRAM can be set to
      bug #15212: remove configure test for broken AT&T vi. This test was broken
      bug #18630, #18631, #18632, #18634: various patches from Craig Leres
      For gcc, make the default CFLAGS include -Wno-pointer-sign if the compiler
      Minor rearrangement so variables/functions used only if !HAVE_LIBLOCKFILE
      Change name of internal function to avoid potential conflicts with GNU
      On Linux, define _GNU_SOURCE so that GNU libc exposes the wcwidth()
      Suppress 'uninitialised variable' warning.
      Rename functions to avoid clash with C library exp2().
      Bug #20028 (Debian bug 399271): fix code assuming that pointer
      * bug #18655: fix use of admonish() for a fatal error (should
      Bump version number, date for release of 1.3 RC1
      Use hyphen, not plus (corresponding to previous RCx naming convention)
      Up version string to 1.3-dev for the CVS trunk.
      Update some of the 'how to do a release' documentation
      Add remark about how to update the homepage.
      Cope with sasl_decode64() returning SASL_CONTINUE as well as SASL_OK.
      Revert previous SASL fix (wrong approach)
      Fix SASL issue properly, by making sm_rrecord() and thus sm_hear() set
      Correct various places in smtp.c where the reply string might not have 
      Provide SASL_CB_AUTHNAME callback (avoids problem with wrong username
      * bug #23163: various minor fixes for the benefit of older Unixes
      bug #23167: sbr/ruserpass.c (ruserpass): make bad permissions on .netrc be
      Update comment now we don't use lex -o.
      Add some table size declarations for the benefit of elderly lexes with
      Don't rely on realloc() to follow POSIX in handling a NULL pointer
      Factor out common code for writing ls shell command. Rework its length
      Don't use MB_CUR_MAX if we aren't compiled with multibyte support.
      Update bit of docs about release announcements.
      If we're compiling with gcc, mark adios() as never returning (better code
      Back out previous, completely broken, change (due to a foulup I was
      When building on gcc, use noreturn attribute on adios and the various done
      When doing an if-test on the result of a function which returns a string
      etc/replcomps, etc/replgroupcomps: Trim trailing whitespace from
      Ignore editor backup files
      Allow tests to indicate that they have been skipped by printing their
      Bug #23436: fix some minor manpage syntax errors and add a test which runs
      Add protective 'do { ... } while (0)' wrappers to multistatement macros
      test/setup-test: use 'set -e' so we stop on compile failure.
      bug #23319: rework the way we handle the working directory when invoking
      Simplify dodir/addir/addfold (patch from Eric Gillespie)
      Dump hacky overoptimisation in addir -- it doesn't actually get the case
      uip/folder.c: chdir(nmhdir) in main rather than in dodir, which
      autogen.sh (new file): add script for running the GNU autotools in the
      test/runtest: automatically run setup-test if it hasn't already
      test/common.sh: new file for common utility functions for the test 
      * sbr/m_getfld.c: fix two bugs which could cause us to walk off
      Silence a (harmless) uninitialized variable warning.
      man/rmm.man: fix error in synopsis: the option is [no]unlink, not 
      configure.in: add a level of expansion for mandir when printing the
      man/slocal.man: fix formatting error that meant a subsection heading
      Fix warning in sbr/folder_addmsg.c by code cleanup
      Fix crash if fnext/fprev are given an empty folder list
      Fix used-uninitialised warning in new.c
      Fix used-uninitialised warning in fmt_rfc2047.c
      Fix unused-function warnings in lex output
      Suppress tsort diagnostic waffle
      Clean up code in inc.c

Ruud de Rooij (14):
      * Added config.sub and config.guess to the list of files to be
      * Changed repl defaults to partly revert to MH behaviour:
      * Move mhtest from bindir to libdir.
      * Fix security hole in mhshowsbr.c which allowed untrusted shell
      Fixed m_getfld bug which caused segmentation faults when
      * Applied patch from Peter Maydell to uip/scansbr.c for more
      Added autoconf check for getutent().
      * Added autoconf check for getutent().
      * Added autoconf test for Miquel van Smoorenburg's liblockfile
      If liblockfile is present, and its dotlockfile program is setgid,
      Use cat instead of tsort if tsort cannot deal with loops in its
      * Added one more mkstemp invocation to uip/spost.c (which was in a
      * Merged mts/sendmail functionality into mts/smtp; switching between
      Modify umask set by mhshow to enable user execute bit, so that viewers 

Scott Snyder (1):
      propagate and check return status of close() in slocal

Shantonu Sen (103):
      Changed some string terminations from NULL to \0.
      Adding APOP #defines
      APOP support: Making APOP a ./configure option with --enable-apop,
      APOP support: If APOP is enabled, build it into inc and msgchk
      APOP support: Use the ruserpass function in this directory for
      Don't try to figure out ruserpass - just use version from sbr/
      APOP support: Making the apop option appear after pop in ./configure 
      Added that you should check in aclocal.m4 after acconfig.h, if you change 
      APOP supprt: Added info to ChangLog.
      Added getpass to SRCS and OBJS.
      An nmh-specific getpass, to remove dependency on system
      Updated pop instructions and indicated use of standard "./configure"
      Fix some compile-time warnings.
      Removed unnecessary comments, such as "*This warning no longer applies*"
      Updated POP capability to include APOP.
      Added my getpass() addition to ChangeLog (after the fact, but at least
      Removed explicit definition of both SRCS *and* OBJS, and made OBJS simple
      Entered minor change to sbr/Makefile.in
      Added on whish platforms nmh is known to compile, as polled from
      Change to MACHINES to include what platforms nmh *does* compile on.
      Removed zotnet/bboards from default build.
      zotnet/bboards is no longer built by default.
      zotnet/bboards no longer built by default.
      Moved zotnet/mf to sbr.
      Moved date/time functions from zotnet/tws to sbr. More importantly,
      Updating user programs to use <h/tws> instead of <zotnet/tws/tws.h>
      Updated sbr functions to include <h/tws.h> instead of <zotnet/tws/tws.h>.
      Synchronizing Makefiles that had gotten out of sync with directory
      Updating root-level files so that zotnet/tws/Makefile is not generated.
      Added entry for new lexing function and moving from zotnet/tws to sbr
      Added back memory options for AIX to increase available memory.
      Made dtimep.lex more lex-friendly.
      make clean now removes generated bin files.
      Took out parsing of military time, which was causing issues when it
      Included changes to dtimep.lex to remove military zone parsing.
      Moved code from zotnet/mts to mts/generic. Also, unified generic
      No longer descend into zotnet/
      Updated #include's to point to new location of mts.h on mts/generic
      Included h/nmh.h, since the MD5 algorithms were missing declarations
      Don't generate Makefiles for zotnet, or mts/mmdf and mts/sendmail,
      Don't make Makefiles in zotnet or mts/mmdf or mts/sendmail
      Included code reorg of zotnet/mts
      Took out incorrect time zones like JST and BST.
      Took out bad zones in dtimep
      Resolve the circular dependency of libmh on libmts on libmh. The
      Move mts/generic to sbr/
      Updated config.guess and config.sub from most recent version
      config update procedure (probably unneccessary)
      config.guess/sub update
      Fixed a type from 'his' to 'this'
      Marked deprecated directories in layout description, and added an entry 
for docs
      doc/README.developers update, and fixed typo in last ChangeLog entry
      Take out memory hints, since we are assuming flex over lex, so this 
shouldn't be a problem
      When building on Mac OS X, don't set LDFLAGS=-s, since the linker doesn't 
like the flag
      Update to include Mac OS X and Linux 2.4
      dtimep, MACHINES
      put both linux entries on one line
      Autoconfing the file locking options
      add --with-locking option
      Fixed up the hesiod library test so that the location of res_send
      hesiod and krb5 test fixes
      Add documentation for --with-locking option
      hesiod and krb5 test changes. add --with-locking to INSTALL
      Created DATE that contains a datestamp used in the man pages. It should 
be updated each release.
      Use the DATE file
      DATE an manpage updating
      Updated man pages to remove dependence on tmac.h and have a more modern 
      update ali,anno,ap.burst
      updated ali-flist, with batch edit of others
      replace %components% and %distcomps% in man pages with corresponding files
      add flists and folders as pointer pages to flist,folder. Modularize 
Makefile to allow easier addition of manpages
      Updating comp-forw
      Updating inc
      Add manpage style guide
      Add date to files i missed last time
      add about pointers to shared pages
      Updating ali-mh_alias
      Modularizing the Makefile caused some variable expansion problems on 
non-GNU makes
      Updating mh_sequence
      deleting zotnet/ dir -- parts moved to sbr/
      removing mts/generic
      Added popi.c to SRCS, even though it's not being built currently
      Add an entry for README.manpages
      removed deprecated files. sendmail functionality exists in mts/smtp/
      delete old files, manpage progress
      don't build vmh.1 since vmh isn't distributed, and we no longer need 
      manpages finished
      SYNOPSIS formating to prevent filling
      Don't try to force year into a 19xx format
      compiled mh-chart with synopses of commands
      use %etcdir% for spacing instead of hardcoding
      Be more picky about symbolic time zones, and accept either a symbolic
      dtimp timezone fixes

Steve Rader (1):
      Added list of hand picked types initially genereted by...

lyndon (5):
      Add a default configuration file for cscope(1).
      Ignore cscope.out.
      cscope.files was missing mts/smtp/*.
      uip/termsbr.c: remove references to PC and ospeed().
      Remove hardlink target before attempting new link.

uid1005 (1):
      Corrected status printout when kpop is enabled


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