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[Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System branch, master, updated

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System branch, master, updated. 2b1cd09eae8aa7516f8d47a6ee80e92cba714224
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 04:21:56 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The nmh Mail Handling System".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  2b1cd09eae8aa7516f8d47a6ee80e92cba714224 (commit)
      from  bf75a860b37b8e08adb3afae9baca01c1af2f08c (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 2b1cd09eae8aa7516f8d47a6ee80e92cba714224
Author: Ken Hornstein <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Mar 16 00:21:35 2012 -0400

    Update post(8) regarding the New World Order.

diff --git a/man/post.man b/man/post.man
index 460bd81..5084ec4 100644
--- a/man/post.man
+++ b/man/post.man
@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@ with
 acting as a relatively simple preprocessor.
 Thus, it is
 .B post
-which parses the various header fields, appends
-\*(lqFrom:\*(rq and \*(lqDate:\*(rq lines, and interacts with the mail 
transport system.
+which parses the various header fields, appends a
+\*(lqDate:\*(rq line, and interacts with the mail transport system.
 .B Post
 will not normally be called directly by the user.
@@ -122,72 +122,38 @@ delivery).
 Under normal circumstances,
 .B post
-constructs the \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line of the
-message from the user's login name, the full name from the GECOS field of the
-passwd file, and the fully\-qualified name of the local machine (or the
-value of
-\*(lqlocalname\*(rq in
-.IR mts.conf ,
-if set).  An example is \*(lqFrom: Dan Harkless
-<address@hidden>\*(rq.  There are four ways to override these values,
-however.  Note that they apply equally to \*(lqResent\-From:\*(rq lines in 
messages sent
+uses the \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line in the message draft as the identity of
+the the originating mailbox.  A \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line is required in
+all message draft.  By default the message composition utilities such
+.B comp
+.B repl
+will automatically place a \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line in the message draft.
+There are two ways to override this behavior, however.
+Note that they apply equally to \*(lqResent\-From:\*(rq lines in messages sent
 .BR dist .
-The first way is GECOS\-based username masquerading.  If the 
\*(lqmasquerade:\*(rq line
-.I mts.conf
-contains \*(lqmmailid\*(rq, this processing is activated.  If a user's GECOS
-field in the passwd file is of the form \*(lqFull Name <fakename>\*(rq then 
-will be used in place of the real username.  For instance, a GECOS field of 
-Harkless <Dan.Harkless>\*(rq would result in \*(lqFrom: Dan Harkless
-<address@hidden>\*(rq.  Naturally if you were doing something like
-this you'd want to set up an MTA alias (e.g. in /etc/aliases) from, for
-instance, \*(lqDan.Harkless\*(rq to \*(lqdan\*(rq.
-The second way to override default construction of \*(lqFrom:\*(rq is to set 
-environment variable.  This variable overrides the full name
-from the GECOS field, even if GECOS\-based masquerading is being done.  This
-processing is always active, and does not need to be enabled from
-.IR mts.conf .
-The third way is controlled by the \*(lquser_extension\*(rq value of 
\*(lqmasquerade:\*(rq line
-.IR mts.conf .
-When that's turned on, setting the
-environment variable will result in its value being appended the user's login
-name.  For instance, if I set
-to \*(lq+www\*(rq, my \*(lqFrom:\*(rq
-line will contain \*(lqDan Harkless <address@hidden>\*(rq (or
-\*(lqDan.Harkless+www\*(rq if I'm using mmailid masquerading as well).  Recent 
-.B sendmail
-automatically deliver all mail sent to
-.IR user + string
-.IR user .
-.B qmail
-has a similar feature which uses '\-' as the delimiter by
-default, but can use other characters as well.
+The first way is to supply a \*(lqSender:\*(rq line.  The value of this
+field will be used as the originating mailbox identity when submitting the
+message to the mail transport system.  If multiple addresses are
+given in the \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line, a \*(lqSender:\*(rq line is
+.BR required .
+If an \*(lqEnvelope-From:\*(rq line is supplied when multiple addresses
+are given in the \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line, a \*(lqSender:\*(rq header will
+be generated using the value of the \*(lqEnvelope-From:\*(rq line,
+.B if
+the \*(lqEnvelope-From:\*(rq line is not blank.
-The fourth method of address masquerading is to specify a \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line 
-in the message draft.  It will be used as provided (after alias substitution),
-but normally, to discourage email forgery, the user's
-.B real
-address will be
-used in the SMTP envelope \*(lqFrom:\*(rq and in a \*(lqSender:\*(rq header.  
However, if the
-\*(lqmasquerade:\*(rq line of
-.I mts.conf
-contains \*(lqdraft_from\*(rq, the SMTP envelope \*(lqFrom:\*(rq
-will use the address given in the draft \*(lqFrom:\*(rq, and there will be no 
-header.  This is useful in pretending to send mail \*(lqdirectly\*(rq from a 
remote POP3
-account, or when remote email robots give improper precedence to the envelope
-\*(lqFrom:\*(rq.  Note that your MTA may still reveal your real identity (e.g.
-.BR sendmail 's
-\*(lqX\-Authentication\-Warning:\*(rq header). 
+The second way is to supply a \*(lqEnvelope-From:\*(rq line.  The value
+of this field will be used as the originating mailbox identity when
+submitting the message to the mail transport system.  This will override
+both the value of the \*(lqFrom:\*(rq line and a \*(lqSender:\*(rq line
+(if one is supplied).  The \*(lqEnvelope-From:\*(rq line is allowed to
+have a blank value; if the value is blank, then the mail transport system
+will be instructed to not send any bounces in response to the message.
+Not all mail transport systems support this feature.
 If nmh is using the SMTP MTA, the
 .B \-server


Summary of changes:
 man/post.man |   94 ++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------------
 1 files changed, 30 insertions(+), 64 deletions(-)

The nmh Mail Handling System

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