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[Nmh-commits] Changes to nmh/ChangeLog

From: Jon Steinhart
Subject: [Nmh-commits] Changes to nmh/ChangeLog
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 10:57:35 -0500

Index: nmh/ChangeLog
diff -u nmh/ChangeLog:1.209 nmh/ChangeLog:1.210
--- nmh/ChangeLog:1.209 Mon Dec  5 13:38:41 2005
+++ nmh/ChangeLog       Thu Dec  8 15:57:34 2005
@@ -1,3 +1,16 @@
+2005-12-07  Jon Steinhart <address@hidden>
+       o  Fixed a bug where anno -append put the headers in the wrong place
+          if applied to a message that didn't contain any headers.
+       o  Added a special value of "all" to the -number option that causes
+          anno -delete to delete all matching components instead of just
+          the first one.
+       o  Added new -preserve and -nopreserve options.  Using -preserve
+          retains the original last accessed and last modified times on
+          annotated messages.
 2005-12-05  Josh Bressers  <address@hidden>
        * Fedora Bug #174983: configure.in: Fix the AC_PATH_PROG default when

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