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[Nano-devel] RFC: add an alternative overview of nano's shortcuts?

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] RFC: add an alternative overview of nano's shortcuts?
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 16:59:00 +0100
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Hi all,

I'm considering adding a file called CHEATSHEET with these contents:

                      Overview of nano's shortcuts

 *File handling*                           *Moving around*
 ^S   Save current file                    ^B   One character backward
 ^O   Offer to write file ("Save as")      ^F   One character forward
 ^R   Insert a file into current one       ^⯇   One word backward
 ^X   Close buffer, exit from nano         ^⯈   One word forward
                                           ^A   To start of line
 *Editing*                                 ^E   To end of line
 ^K   Cut current line into cutbuffer      ^P   One line up
 M-6  Copy current line into cutbuffer     ^N   One line down
 ^U   Paste contents of cutbuffer          ^⯅   To previous block
 M-T  Cut until end of buffer              ^⯆   To next block
 M-U  Undo last operation                  ^Y   One page up
 M-E  Redo last undone operation           ^V   One page down
                                           M-\  To top of buffer
 *Search and replace*                      M-/  To end of buffer
 ^W   Start forward search
 ^Q   Start backward search                *Special movement*
 M-W  Find next occurrence forward         M-G  Go to specified line
 M-Q  Find next occurrence backward        M-]  Go to complementary bracket
                                           M-⯅  Scroll viewport up
 *Deletion*                                M-⯆  Scroll viewport down
 ^D   Delete character under cursor        M-<  Switch to preceding buffer
 ^H   Delete character before cursor       M->  Switch to succeeding buffer
 ^Del     Delete word to the right
 ^Sh-Del  Delete word to the left          *Various*
 M-Del    Delete current line              Tab     Indent marked region
                                           Sh-Tab  Unindent marked region
 *Operations*                              M-3  Comment/uncomment line/region
 ^T   Run a spell check                    ^]   Complete current word
 ^J   Justify paragraph or region          M-A  Turn the mark on/off
 M-J  Justify entire buffer                M-V  Enter next keystroke verbatim
 M-B  Run a syntax check                   M-:  Start/stop recording of macro
                                           M-;  Replay macro
 *Information*                             ^G   Display help text
 ^C   Report current cursor position       ^L   Refresh the screen
 M-D  Report number of words/lines/chars   ^Z   Suspend nano

The advantage of having such a file is: 1) it can be linked somewhere
on, 2) it groups the shortcuts in a different manner
than the help text and under sensible headers.

Comments?  Improvements of grouping or order?


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