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[Nano-devel] what to do about --disable-wrapping-as-root

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] what to do about --disable-wrapping-as-root
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:05:09 -0500
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One last item before nano CVS goes into bugfix mode: I've been thinking
about what to do about the --disable-wrapping-as-root option.  The
inability to turn wrapping back on as root from the command line, as
brought up awhile ago, is definitely a problem, and just removing the
option and making everyone build with nanorc support and put "set
nowrap" in root's .nanorc isn't really feasible with the tiny version of
nano, although it'd work with the normal version.

I think I have a solution to the problem.  If the
--disable-wrapping-as-root option is removed, and root's .nanorc is used
to do the same thing, then the --nowrap option is consistent with all
the other options.  As for the tiny version, if --enable-tiny turns on
--disable-wrapping, then things should also be consistent, assuming that
wrapping in general isn't used much in the tiny version (please correct
me if I'm wrong here).  Besides, the FAQ currently states that the tiny
version disables wrapping anyway, so either nano's behavior or the FAQ
should be changed.


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