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[moz-bonobo-list] With a monster instrument you will feel a bigger man.

From: Rhea Steward
Subject: [moz-bonobo-list] With a monster instrument you will feel a bigger man.
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:42:31 +0200

but the commonality between each experience was- it was out of my hands i occasionally fell in love with someone who couldnt be had i occasionally had to run from someone who wouldnt let me go
feeling so inspired
and that made me think of all the insomniatic nights that she stayed up with me and mirrored my every move and snuggled me right out of my anxiety into dreamland long after grant and cate had drifted off
and again when you are at a good weight and having regular cycles you can absolutely add in a lot more whole wheat and whole grain foods as well as all fruits and vegetables and other good carbs like beans if your cycles get a little kooky or you gain weight thats when you know you need to reduce again
the girl loves a project i mean LOVES it was like so fun to her to print them off plan how she wanted to present them go to the store for candy sign and put them together she just bossed me around and made sure i tied the string right
from the spring/summer 09 toast catalog
again happy things
refined sugar will be your enemy till you die
where are neighborhoods like that anymore with bushes big enough to hide in and kids that go around the block together all afternoon and normal sized houses and the old winkfields next door ok i dont need the winkfields but id sure love to give my kids the rest
it makes me too happy drawers full of yarn too glorious
i remember that too it was really fun i hope it gets warm again real soon i cant wait to go to the park again with you two love mom
one more thought about best friends
i spent a few years calming down my teen angst and attempting to grow up i loved san luis obispo i was ready to chill there for good
i swear nothing makes me happier than a peaceful space and some needles
guess what i finally put in the shop
do you have to be obsessed with yarn and needles and hooks like i am to think that is the most inviting little space youve ever seen
messes are piling up around me making it hard to relax and get well i cant cuddle grant or cate- they need to stay well- so they are steering clear of me i am bored and tired and achy
(but honestly i dont snack alot when you eat so much protein you dont get hungry as often through the day)
just a phone call one night she had an aneurysm and although this was a surprise of the worst kind it was the most spiritual time of my life much good and understanding has come through that loss
im loving babies & mamas sunshine happy rooms and cool colors

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