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Re: [Monotone-devel] monotone 0.48 released

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] monotone 0.48 released
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 08:19:52 -0400
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Thomas Keller <address@hidden> writes:

> Am 16.06.2010 13:48, schrieb Stephen Leake:
>> Howard Spindel <address@hidden> writes:
>>> I've just installed release 0.48 on a Windoze machine.  It seems to work 
>>> fine.
>>> However, I get a warning everytime it runs: date format '%x %X' cannot
>>> be used for commit
>> mtn developers:
>> A partial real fix is delete the check in 'status', since the commit
>> process can cope with unparseable user-specified date formats, whether
>> on Win32 or Unix. However, that leaves the check in commit, which is
>> still appropriate, for the case where the user specifies a date format
>> that is not parseable; it partly explains why they don't see their
>> chosen format in the commit comment they are editing. But the warning
>> message could be clearer about that.
>> A better real fix is to not enable user-specified dates by default;
>> users that want them can enable them, and specify the date format they
>> want at the same time, and worry about whether it can be parsed.
> I would only go so far for the Win32 version, if nothing else can be done.
>> I also thought we replaced %x %X by something else; why is it showing up
>> here?
> In case it should have been %F %X before, then I've changed that for
> openBSD compatibility. You can also spell it out of course, %Y-%m-%d
> %X.

Ah; you got rid of %F, not %X. Ok.

> Derek, Stephe: Can you two work out a reasonable fix 

The nvm.options branch may have the best fix, with the ability to set
mtn (in addition to user) defaults for global options on a per command
basis. So we don't need the most elegant solution now.

The default date_fmt is set in std_hooks.lua get_date_format_spec. We
can use get_ostype() to detect Win32.

But changing get_date_format_spec affects many more commands than
changing get_default_command_options, and suffers from the same problem;
if users currently have overridden it, they won't get this fix.

I think the best thing to do now is change get_default_command_options
in std_hooks.lua to add --no-format-date for commit on Win32. 

> so I can make a point release tonight or at least tomorrow?

I don't think there's that much rush. We might as well wait another
week, see if anything else turns up.

But we do need a branch for this. The release is tagged monotone-0.48,
so I've created a branch net.venge.monotone.monotone-0.48, with the
fixes above, and the '#include sanity.hh' fix. Branched from the tagged
revision, of course.

That breaks two tests, on windows and linux:

150 commit_default_editor                         FAIL (line 15) 0:00
127 changelog_editor                              FAIL (line 12) 0:00

I'll look at that later.

-- Stephe

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