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timestamp - examples apendix

From: Martin Pala
Subject: timestamp - examples apendix
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 22:48:53 +0100
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i though about what timestamp provides in general (including feature what i need it for):

1.) when some process updates some state files, monit can watch if all is OK (iPlanet's "stored" proces - one of most important services), example:

if timestamp "/usr/iplanet/msg-ims1/config/stored.ckp" > 5 minutes then alert

2.) it could be used for preventive restat of some problematic process. We have for example problem with calendar server (iPlanet's), so such ugly feature is needed as workaround until real solution will come:

if timestamp "/global/ldapims/d1/ics/SUNWics5/cal/bin/config/pidfile.dwp" > 7 days then restart

3.) you can use it to watch, if there are added or removed files from given directory. For example if it is desired that some process writes to some dorectory, you can use following:

if timestamp "/foo/directory" > 1 hour then alert (it means that if there is no file creation/deletion activity on this directory, monit will send alert)

or if it desired to warn if there are new files or any files removed from directory (directory should be intact in normal case):

if timestamp "/foo/directory" < 10 minutes then alert


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