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Re: [PATCH] NTP protocol test

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: [PATCH] NTP protocol test
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 13:53:08 +0100

On Jan 25, 2005, at 12:40, Michel Marti wrote:

SYN/ACK is part of TCP, so this cannot be used to test UDP connectivity.

Yes, of course, a little hick up there.

Looking at the manpage of nmap, they describe their UDP scan like this:

"UDP scans: This method is used to determine which UDP ports are open on a host. The technique is to send 0 byte UDP packets to each port on the target machine. If we receive an ICMP port unreachable message, then the port is closed. If a UDP response is received to the probe (unusual), the port is open. If we get no response at all, the state is "open|filtered", meaning that the port is either open or packet filters are blocking the communication."

I guess we could do the same in monit's UDP check!?!

Absolutely, you want to give it a stab :-)

Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Mobil +47 97141255

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