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Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] stack smashing on i686 with -O3 since da82d07

From: Moritz Bunkus
Subject: Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] stack smashing on i686 with -O3 since da82d07dbe
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015 10:09:47 +0200
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Hey Boris,

> $ host=i686-w64-mingw32.static
> $ qtbin=/mxe/usr/${host}/qt5/bin
> $ ./autogen.sh
> $ ./configure --host=${host} -enable-qt --enable-static-qt
> --with-mkvtoolnix-gui --with-moc=${qtbin}/moc --with-uic=${qtbin}/uic
> --with-rcc=${qtbin}/rcc -with-boost=~/mxe-reorg-build-pkg/usr/${host}

-with-boost is missing a dash, it must be --with-boost=…

Are you sure that ~/mxe-reorg-build-pkg is the right path? At the same
time you're pointing to /mxe/… for Qt.

configure looks in the path given with --with-boost=… for
${with_boost}/include/boost/….h and ${with_boost}/lib/libboost*.a, so
make sure those actually exist.

You don't need --enable-qt (it's the default), and even if you did it
would need two dashes, --enable-qt, and not just one, -enable-qt.

Kind regards,

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