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Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] [PATCH cleanup] upgrade packages glib gtk

From: Mark Brand
Subject: Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] [PATCH cleanup] upgrade packages glib gtk
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 17:42:26 +0200
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I did a quick check and the issue is the same on FreeBSD (as well as
OSX). --disable-nls doesn't solve it, is the next step to build a
native gettext and pass the paths to ./configure (along the same lines
as libiconv)?


It sounds like that should work. I tried it out and it works on Linux. Would
you like to try it?
I tried it as-is and found that the directory stucture is different. I
then modified it a little (based on gettext.mk) to look in
/gettext-runtime/intl. That didn't work either, and there actually
isn't a libintl.h file anywhere in the source. There's a libgnuintl.h,
maybe this gets renamed on installation. I might try installing to a
temp location next.


The install step is need to create libintl.h. There are also some other changes here. I borrowed a lot from gettext.mk. Would you like to try this one?


diff -r c4858c86408f src/glib.mk
--- a/src/glib.mk       Tue Apr 27 12:33:40 2010 +0200
+++ b/src/glib.mk       Tue Apr 27 17:41:33 2010 +0200
@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@
     $(MAKE) -C '$(1).native/$(libiconv_SUBDIR)' -j '$(JOBS)'

+    # native build of gettext (used by glib-compile-schemas)
+    # darwin and freebsd might lack libintl.h otherwise
+    cd '$(1).native' && $(call UNPACK_PKG_ARCHIVE,gettext)
+    cd '$(1).native/$(gettext_SUBDIR)/gettext-runtime' && ./configure \
+        --prefix='$(1).native/usr' \
+        --disable-shared \
+        --with-included-gettext
+ $(MAKE) -C '$(1).native/$(gettext_SUBDIR)/gettext-runtime/intl' -j '$(JOBS)' SHELL=bash install
# native build for glib-genmarshal, without pkg-config, gettext and zlib
     cd '$(1).native' && ./configure \
         --disable-shared \
@@ -42,8 +51,9 @@
         --disable-fam \
         --disable-xattr \
         --with-libiconv=gnu \
-        CPPFLAGS='-I$(1).native/$(libiconv_SUBDIR)/include' \
-        LDFLAGS='-L$(1).native/$(libiconv_SUBDIR)/lib/.libs'
+ CPPFLAGS='-I$(1).native/$(libiconv_SUBDIR)/include -I$(1).native/usr/include' \ + LDFLAGS='-L$(1).native/$(libiconv_SUBDIR)/lib/.libs -L$(1).native/usr/lib'
     $(SED) -i 's,#define G_ATOMIC.*,,' '$(1).native/config.h'
     $(MAKE) -C '$(1).native/glib'    -j '$(JOBS)'
     $(MAKE) -C '$(1).native/gthread' -j '$(JOBS)'


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