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[Lynx-dev] Versions of Lynx and How They Got Here

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Versions of Lynx and How They Got Here
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 11:49:27 -0500

I started out to figure out why a particular url

works quite well on a Debian wheezy system but bombs out on a
Debian jessie system with the complaint that it can't find the
start file.

Looking up
Making HTTPS connection to

lynx: Can't access startfile

So much for that.

lynx --version on that system produces

Lynx Version 2.8.9dev.1 (12 Mar 2014)
libwww-FM 2.14, SSL-MM 1.4.1, GNUTLS 3.3.8, ncurses 5.9.20140913(wide)
Built on linux-gnu Jun  5 2015 11:34:27

A Debian wheezy system which is a few years older produces the
following from lynx --version

Lynx Version 2.8.8dev.12 (22 Feb 2012)
libwww-FM 2.14, SSL-MM 1.4.1, GNUTLS 2.12.20, ncurses 5.9.20110404(wide)
Built on linux-gnu Nov 23 2016 21:57:17

        The wheezy system shows a lower version number and
earlier year than does the jessie distribution but the build date
is newer.

        The older system just works with the url and the
higher-numbered version is the one that can't find the start

        I used apt-get lynx on both systems and did not build
from source.

        The wheezy system's lynx generally works better with less
of those head-scratchers such as the example from above.  I am
trying to figure out whether this is something I have done or
what and if it is, how did I manage to make the newer system more
likely to have trouble than the older one?

Martin McCormick

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