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[Lynx-dev] Need to Store Cookies but Nothing Works.

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Need to Store Cookies but Nothing Works.
Date: Tue, 30 May 2017 07:45:08 -0500

        After a web search using linux, lynx and cookies, I found
documentation on using lynx which advised to put the following
lines either in lynx.cfg or ~/.lynxrc:


That last line shouldn't be necessary as all but the DOS version
of lynx are supposed to use ~/.lynx_cookies by default.

        A weather site started this quest when it began sending a
cookie every time one accesses it which now means an extra step
just to check conditions. I receive: cookie: P=FAVS:1|WXSN:1|PWSOB Allow? (Y/N/Always/neVer)

        I type a and it works fine but nothing is stored so next
time I run it, it's the same drill again. I tried putting these
lines in ~/.lynxrc, ~/.lynx.cfg and both files. They might as
well be comments for the effect they had.

        This is the version of lynx one gets if one adds lynx to
Debian jessie using apt-get.

        When searching for knowledge about this issue, I found
questions about the same thing from around 14 years ago, several
me-to's and the documentation explaining what lines to put in to
configuration so what else am I missing?

Thanks for any and all constructive suggestions.

Martin McCormick

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