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[Lynx-dev] Default Editor option

From: tsc.v1.1
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Default Editor option
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 05:34:28 -0800

This is my first post. I have joined the list to ask a question about Lynx rather than get involved in its development - I hope that’s alright! I should mention that I’m using a cygwin64 version of Lynx (2.8.7rel.1) for the SSL support, on Windows 10 x64.

                Although I’m embarrassed to ask something so basic, here it is: how shall I go about using the “Default Editor” option to open the currently displayed document with notepad, or another external editor, as the Default Editor (specified on the Options page and in lynx.cfg), instead of a blank temp file? The following may be clearer:

                As a starting point I’ve entered “notepad” in the appropriate field of the options page, and notepad does open, but not with the current document loaded. Instead it opens a new blank file. I’ve tried adding things like “%1“, “$1”, “%f”, “$file” etc., to the end of the line, but to no avail. Unfortunately I’m out of ideas, so thanks in advance to anyone that answers my boring question!




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