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[Lynx-dev] vimeo login/upload w/ lynx/other non-harvester browser?

From: miro . rovis
Subject: [Lynx-dev] vimeo login/upload w/ lynx/other non-harvester browser?
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 17:01:10 +0200
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Developers, pls. bear with me. I'll try and ask a user question.
And freely skip reading this if you are busy. Thanks for the fine
program you are working on!

I have become fully aware of why such huge work is thrown in, and
programming skills hired in the few big browser businesses that users
have at their convenience in exchange for privacy surrendered.

But my question is not about that, but is practical. By a poor user
fighting for his privacy and freedom on the web.

I use Dillo, and I use Lynx.

I can only now, after replacing the default /etc/lynx.lss with this one:
use Lynx with ease. It is a scietifically determined fact that white
foreground on black background is straining viewers eyes. See, e.g.:
and have mercy on users like me, who can't easily find time to tweak all
the programs that need tweaking because of torturous defaults. If this
goes only to Gentoo devs in charge of Lynx in Gentoo, I hope they are

I know that I can't log in to with Dillo. (I
have discussed that with Dillo developers on the dillo-dev list, no
solution seems imminent.)

But I can log into Github with Lynx, and thanks for that! Every, little
or big task, that releaves me from using any of the big browsers, makes
me try and spread the word about free browsers all the more!

But I was wondering if there is even a remote possibility to use Lynx,
or Dillo or some of the privacy friendly and not user-data-harvesting
browser like also Mozilla Firefox has become, really sorry to have to
say that, to...

[To use Lynx/other free browser] to log into and
also to upload to ?
(Just to note: I'm still waiting for their reply to that question, as I
have, last night, asked Vimeo that question.)

There. That is my main question. A minor, more vague question, follows.

And wouldn't it be great if there be a central place somewhere on the
internet, where users like me could find information on how to use
non-harvesting browsers?

I am afraid that, e.g., currently there is no free browser (free meaning
non-harvesting, and with no intentional hooks for big spying subjects,
if I am allowed to be blunt) which a user like me could use for so many
places where, say your bank's web for internet banking, or Cpanel at the
hosting service for your website, they support only, only Javascript
enabled big browsers, else you can't do internet banking, or you can't
log in into their service, or some other such task.

They have taken away the internet from us in that way, and even if you
don't reply to me, I thank you again for the fine Lynx program, and I
hope you will become only stronger in the future, as you are of those
forces that bring us back our freedom.

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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