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[Lynx-dev] Request for comments on a couple changes

From: Andy Valencia
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Request for comments on a couple changes
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 13:57:44 -0700 (PDT)


I've started working on the Debian package for Lynx.
There's a couple of changes which have come up from
user reports, wanted to see what the Lynx devs think:

1. Proxy configuration is confusing

User set an HTTP proxy, but then discovered this did not
apply to HTTPS.  The man page does not touch on HTTPS, so
at a minimum I will add a concrete example for proxying

2. Proxy environment variables differ from, e.g., w3m

The environment variable for w3m is HTTP_PROXY, for Lynx
it's http_proxy.  I'm inclined to leave this alone.

3. No command switch for proxying

Links has -http-proxy <host:port> (and similar for
other protocols).  It could be added, presumably with
priority over environment variables.

4. Proxy function critical

If you want/need to proxy but get the config wrong, you
just go out un-proxied.  When you're proxying into Tor
or such, this could be Bad.  I suggested a --must-proxy
command switch to cause non-proxied network connections
to fail.


Ironically, this default setting causes
to fail.  Defaulting to PARTIAL would make SSO logins
work in the part of the world.  This one
definitely needs a comment from somebody with a "big picture"
view of the function.

Andy Valencia
Volunteer, Lynx package on Debian

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