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Re: [Lynx-dev] fatal trap 6 on OS X

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] fatal trap 6 on OS X
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 22:08:15 +0000 (UTC)

Raoul dixit:

>in terminal mode, with and without screen loaded, renaming a file with  or 
>without spaces,
>lynx crashes (trap 6), and of course cannot rename anything.


Jan  4 22:06:59 blau /bsd: signal 6 received by (lynx:12120) UID(2999) 
EUID(2999), parent (mksh:28751) UID(2999) EUID(2999)
Jan  4 22:06:59 blau /bsd: core dumped for pid 12120 (lynx)

>this behaviour is osx specific,
>cannot be observed on FreeBSD for instance.

Can be reproduced on MirBSD/i386.
I’m rebuilding lynx with debug info right now.

Solange man keine schmutzigen Tricks macht, und ich meine *wirklich*
schmutzige Tricks, wie bei einer doppelt verketteten Liste beide
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