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[Lynx-dev] retrieving text from html5 page?

From: voytek
Subject: [Lynx-dev] retrieving text from html5 page?
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 10:52:57 +1100
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I have a script like:

wget -O page.html url
lynx -dump page.html > page.txt

that worked TILL web server was redeveloped;

now they use html5 stuff, and, page.html has data I want, but, page.txt
only has 'labels' but not data contents, andy thought how I can do

when displayed on screen, data shows, in text file, not

looking at page.html it has like:

<label class="pfbc-label">Suburb</label><input type="text"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_district_tx" value="SYDNEY"
readonly="readonly" class="ro pfbc-textbox"/>

<label class="pfbc-label">State</label><input type="hidden" value="NSW"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_state_cd"><input type="text"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_state_cd_d" value="NSW"
readonly="readonly" class="ro pfbc-textbox"/>

<label class="pfbc-label">Postcode</label><input type="text"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_postcode_tx" value="2000"
readonly="readonly" class="ro pfbc-textbox"/>

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