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Re: [Lynx-dev] 'Lynx' Translation

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] 'Lynx' Translation
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 18:16:44 +0000 (UTC)

Vlad Brown dixit:

> I found interesting your page Lynx  which I googled on

Well it's now. What _did_ become of by the way?

> I'd love to use it in a project I'm involved with called "SoftDroid", so I'm
> seeking your permission for translation to Ukraine language.

What licence is that page, anyway? It also lacks a bit or information;
however, Vlad has also translated the MirBSD start page earlier, so
this might even be interesting.

(Of course, XTaran would probably ask us to use wml or something, and
proper .po files…)

17:57 < jtsn> Der 25C3 ist lustig. Deutsche Vortragende brechen sich vor
deutschen Zuhörern auf Englisch einen ab. ;-)  18:01 < jtsn> Adolfs Werk
war sehr nachhaltig. ;-)    18:01 < jtsn> Das gab's nichtmal in der DDR,
das Deutsche mit Deutschen auf Russisch reden. ;-)          (10x cnuke@)

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