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[Lynx-dev] Mime-types HELP

From: pfourier
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Mime-types HELP
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 23:50:21 -0500 (CDT)

Re: Mime-types HELP
I've been forced to research this topic, since Lynx omits any details:

All browsers do the same thing with mime-types, but in different ways.
What approach does Lynx use?

Server's need the .htaccess file to send the proper mime-types:

AddType image/x-zbitmap               ZBM
AddType application/x-arachne-package APM
AddType application/x-netdos-exe      NETDOS-EXE
AddType application/x-netdos-com      NETDOS-COM
AddType image/bmp                     BMP
AddType application/octet-stream      COM
AddType application/octet-stream      SDR
AddType audio/ogg                     OGG
AddType audio/mid                     MID
AddType audio/s3m                     S3M
AddType audio/it                      IT
AddType application/xml               RDF
AddType application/xml               RSS
AddType text/xml                      XML
AddType text/html                     ASP
AddType text/html                     HTT
AddType text/html                     AH
AddType text/plain                    TXT
AddType text/plain                    CONFIG
AddType video/x-ms-wmv                WMV
AddType video/x-flv                   FLV
AddType video/mp4                     MP4
AddType application/octet-stream      ISO
AddType application/octet-stream      PIF
AddType application/octet-stream      BAT
AddType application/octet-stream      EXE
AddType application/x-tar-gz          TGZ
AddType video/x-msvideo               AVI
AddType application/x-7z-compressed   7Z
AddType application/x-rar-compressed  RAR
AddType application/x-rar-compressed  R00
AddType application/x-rar-compressed  R01
AddType application/x-rar-compressed  R02
AddType application/x-rar-compressed  R03
AddType application/vnd.openxmlformats DOCX
AddType application/vnd.openxmlformats DCX
AddType application/x-htz              HTZ

There are as many different mime-types sent in the HTTP header info of
'content-type:' as there are different file types being sent via HTTP.

This is in the lynx.cfg for DOS Lynx:
# The MIME_type:viewer:XWINDOWS definitions listed here in the lynx.cfg
# file are among those established via src/HTInit.c.  For the image types,
# HTInit.c uses the XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND definition in userdefs.h or above
# (open is used for NeXT).  You can change any of these defaults via the
# global or personal mailcap files.  Assignments made here will be overridden
# by entries in those files.
.ex 7
VIEWER:image/gif:display %s
VIEWER:image/x-tiff:display %s
VIEWER:image/tiff:display %s
VIEWER:image/targa:display %s
VIEWER:image/bmp:display %s
VIEWER:image/jpeg:display %s
VIEWER:image/pcx:display %s
VIEWER:image/png:display %s
VIEWER:image/pict:display %s
VIEWER:image/x-icon:display %s
   There is a long list of mime-types, but I just include the image
lines above.

Note: I have "display.exe" which is called by "display.bat".

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