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[Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.8dev.10

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.8dev.10
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 21:46:37 -0500
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The current version of lynx is 2.8.7

It's available at
2.8.8 Development & patches:

2012-02-12 (2.8.8dev.10)
* updated po/lynx.pot; there are a few new messages -TD
* add "submit" and "reset" commands (Debian #603645) -TD
* add "pwd" command, to show current working directory in the statusline -TD
* modify check in HText_endForm() when a form contains only a single input
  field, to allow a return in any text-like field other than textarea to cause
  the form to be submitted (Debian #603648) -TD
* add bzlib to win32 makefile.msc -TD
* define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN in makefile.msc to accommodate naming conflict
  in recent Win32 SDKs, which otherwise include winsock.h in windows.h -TD
* fixes for the dev.9 Win32 feature to toggle between normal/fullscreen,
  by checking the actual screensize after maximizing the display -TD
* use ASCII apostrophe for 7-bit approximation to U+02bd as well -TD
* use ASCII apostrophe 0x27 for 7-bit approximation to Unicode apostrophe
  U+02bc (suggested by Ralph Babel)
* update LYLeaks.c / LYLeaks.h to include the bstring allocation, copy and free
  functions -TD
* several fixes for the -find-leaks option, e.g., include LYLeaks.h in a few
  modules, modify the StrAllocVsprintf function to update the bookkeeping,
  etc -TD
* move call to LYCanWriteFile into LYValidateOutput, to make prompts for
  download, print and upload more alike -TD
* correct an old bug in send_file_to_file(), used when printing a page to a
  file, which prevented its check for appending to an existing file -TD
* modify LYValidateFilename to use LYTildeExpand -TD
* modify LYConvertToURL to use LYTildeExpand for Unix, and further modify
  LYTildeExpand to lookup given user's home directory, thereby making commands
  such as "g ~root/tmp" work as expected -TD
* replaced most LYgetStr calls with LYgetBString, except for LYMail.c and
  LYNews.c since those do use LYgetStr's limits as it was designed.  Other
  calls generally did not need those limits -TD
* modify finish_ExtEditForm to eliminate wrapping when an edited line is longer
  than MAX_LINE.  The user is still offered the choice of wrapping to the
  displayed size of a TEXTAREA, but if declined, the TEXTAREA's content will
  not be wrapped -TD
* modify LYgetstr, making it call revised function LYgetBString which handles
  bstring's, and allows editing fields which can grow without fixed buffer
  limits.  In particular, forms all use the same calls, which means that
  their result is no longer limited by MAX_LINE -TD
* extend ^X-e editing of textarea's to include single-line fields -TD
* modify comparison for splitting lines to allow for long preformatted lines,
  e.g., using  's to not wrap when the line-wrap mode is disabled -TD
* modify to handle options which contain a digit, e.g.,
  HTML5_CHARSETS whose default value was not marked properly -TD
* modify HTLoadDocument() to not retain a cached document if user is explicitly
  doing a refresh.  This fixes the case for a #fragment url, which was
  otherwise treated as the same as the address without the #fragment -TD
* clarify version of GPL used in README (request by Paul Menzel) -TD
* modify HTLoad() to discard charset information before reloading a document,
  in case the server changes the content-type information between loads
  (report by Stanislav Brabec) -TD
* use tidy to indent html documentation -TD
* provide a way to substitute parameters in URLs for jumpfiles (adapted from
  patch by Mark Skilbeck -TD
* ensure that button/input tags have a value for display, in case the tag is
  improperly terminated (report by Aki Helin) -TD
* work around glibc bug in sscanf in SGML_character() using strtol() (report by
  Aki Helin) -TD
* add check for charset attribute on meta element -Kihara Hideto
* eliminate ON/OFF macros, using TRUE/FALSE both to work around breakage from
  zlib changes as well as because they were unnecessary (GenToo
  #383113) -Nikos Chantziaras, TD
* updated several configure script macros (TD):

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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