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Re: [Lynx-dev] Invoking a lynx script

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Invoking a lynx script
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:47:42 -0700

Graham Lawrence wrote:

> Bela, I received your response asking that I post my question to the
> list rather than to you personally.  I took that as an indication that
> emailing you directly was undesirable.  So I did not respond to it
> explicitly, only implicitly, by posting my question to the list as you
> requested.  I received a reply from Thomas Dickey, for which I thanked
> him, and considering the issue closed, made no further post.  Instead
> I wrote the bash script alternative I had alluded to in my reply to
> Thomas, and now dump lynx pages into vim with a single keystroke
> combination, or 2 keystrokes as you prefer to count it.

I don't think I saw the repost; or maybe you posted in different wording
and I didn't recognize the congruence of the messages.  As well, I don't
remember seeing a 1-2 key solution as you mention here.  This could all
be because I failed to receive a message or two; or because I read them
inattentively and didn't gather the details.  In any case I've already
deleted all of the past of this conversation, so I can't investigate :(

Anyway, I'm not very interested in what/why that happened, I chalk it up
to the vagaries of asynchronous multi-way communications and don't worry
about it.

What I *am* interested in is to hear the details of how you solved this
down to a 1-key action!


PS: I prefer not to receive direct copies of list postings.  They
exacerbate the asyncronicity problem.  Posts laundered through the list
are generally in correct perceptual order since each reply is not
provoked until the replier receives the message he's replying to.  Mail
to my mailbox is more likely to be mis-ordered because the mail host's
connection is less reliable, leading the sending mail daemons to invoke
their delay algorithms -- which are different for every sending host.
Plus, I read the different mailboxes with different frequencies.

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