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[Lynx-dev] RE: Lynx 2.8.7 bug report - suppplemental

From: RR - Rod Regier
Subject: [Lynx-dev] RE: Lynx 2.8.7 bug report - suppplemental
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:05:26 -0400



HP I64VMS C V7.3-18

Compaq C V6.5-001 on OpenVMS Alpha V8.3 




To conform to the ISO POSIX-1 standard, typedefs for the following have been added to <types.h> :

  • dev_t
  • gid_t
  • ino_t
  • mode_t
  • nlink_t
  • off_t
  • pid_t
  • size_t
  • ssize_t
  • uid_t

Previous development environments using a version of DEC C earlier than Version 5.2 may have compensated for the lack of these
typedef s in <types.h> by adding them to another module. If this is the case on your system, then compiling with the <types.h> provided with DEC C Version 5.2 might cause compilation errors.
To maintain your current environment and include the DEC C Version 5.2
<types.h> , then compile with _decc_v4_source defined. This will omit incompatible references from the DEC C Version 5.2 headers. In <types.h> , for example, the previously listed typedefs will not be visible.



So the source is using an off_t with an incompatible definition from… somewhere else. 



From: RR - Rod Regier
Sent: February 24, 2011 11:19 AM
To: address@hidden
Cc: RR - Rod Regier
Subject: Lynx 2.8.7 bug report


Lynx 2.8.7 bug report


OpenVMS Alpha V8.3 w/patches

OpenVMS IA64 V8.3-1H1 w/patches



(Build fails in the same manner on both)



Apparent problem here:




    struct _HTPresentation {

        HTAtom *rep;            /* representation name atomized */

        HTAtom *rep_out;        /* resulting representation */

        HTConverter *converter; /* routine to gen the stream stack */

        char *command;          /* MIME-format command string */

        char *testcommand;      /* MIME-format test string */

        float quality;          /* Between 0 (bad) and 1 (good) */

        float secs;

        float secs_per_byte;

        off_t maxbytes;

        BOOL get_accept;        /* list in "Accept:" for GET */

        int accept_opt;         /* matches against LYAcceptMedia */



GOOGLE "maxbytes" lynx vms htformat.h          may supply background


From: RR - Rod Regier
Sent: February 23, 2011 10:25 AM
To: RR - Rod Regier
Subject: Lynx 2.8.7 build attempt


DYMD::RR_01 10:22:09   (DCL)   CPU=00:00:01.75 PF=3844 IO=11945 MEM=319


Default directory:



Acceptable TCP/IP agents are

[1] MULTINET (default)

[2] UCX







Agent [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] (RETURN = [1]) 8


$!      Build the WWWLibrary


$ set default [.WWW.Library.VMS]

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)

$ show sym cc




$ cc [-.Implementation]HTString.c


        off_t maxbytes;


%CC-E-MISSINGTYPE, Missing type specifier or type qualifier.

at line number 166 in file DSA2:[DYMAX.LYNX.LYNX2-8-7.WWW.LIBRARY.IMPLEMENTATION



$    v1 = f$verify(v)

$ set default [-.-.-]

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)


$!      Build the chrtrans modules.


$ set default [.src.chrtrans]


$!      Compile the Lynx [.SRC.CHRTRANS]makeuctb module.


$  v1 = f$verify(v0)

$! DECC:

$  cc := cc/decc/prefix=all /nomember -


$  v1 = f$verify(v0)

$ cc makeuctb

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)


$!      Link the Lynx [.SRC.CHRTRANS]makeuctb module.


$ IF f$getsyi("ARCH_NAME") .eqs. "IA64"


$    optslibs=""




$ link/exe=makeuctb.exe makeuctb

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)


$!      Create the Lynx [.SRC.CHRTRANS] header files.


$ makeuctb := $DSA2:[DYMAX.LYNX.LYNX2-8-7.SRC.CHRTRANS]makeuctb

$ makeuctb cp1250_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1250: translation map (_windows_1250).

$ makeuctb cp1251_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1251: translation map (_windows_1251).

$ makeuctb cp1252_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1252: translation map (_windows_1252).

$ makeuctb cp1253_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1253: translation map (_windows_1253).

$ makeuctb cp1255_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1255: translation map (_windows_1255).

$ makeuctb cp1256_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1256: translation map (_windows_1256).

$ makeuctb cp1257_uni.tbl

makeuctb: windows-1257: translation map (_windows_1257).

$ makeuctb cp437_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp437: translation map (_cp437).

$ makeuctb cp737_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp737: translation map (_cp737).

$ makeuctb cp775_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp775: translation map (_cp775).

$ makeuctb cp850_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp850: translation map (_cp850).

$ makeuctb cp852_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp852: translation map (_cp852).

$ makeuctb cp857_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp857: translation map (_cp857).

$ makeuctb cp862_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp862: translation map (_cp862).

$ makeuctb cp864_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp864: translation map (_cp864).

$ makeuctb cp866_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp866: translation map (_cp866).

$ makeuctb cp866u_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp866u: translation map (_cp866u).

$ makeuctb cp869_uni.tbl

makeuctb: cp869: translation map (_cp869).

$ makeuctb def7_uni.tbl

makeuctb: us-ascii: default translation map ().

$ makeuctb dmcs_uni.tbl

makeuctb: dec-mcs: translation map (_dec_mcs).

$ makeuctb hp_uni.tbl

makeuctb: hp-roman8: translation map (_hp_roman8).

$ makeuctb iso01_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-1: translation map (_iso_8859_1).

$ makeuctb iso02_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-2: translation map (_iso_8859_2).

$ makeuctb iso03_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-3: translation map (_iso_8859_3).

$ makeuctb iso04_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-4: translation map (_iso_8859_4).

$ makeuctb iso05_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-5: translation map (_iso_8859_5).

$ makeuctb iso06_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-6: translation map (_iso_8859_6).

$ makeuctb iso07_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-7: translation map (_iso_8859_7).

$ makeuctb iso08_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-8: translation map (_iso_8859_8).

$ makeuctb iso09_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-9: translation map (_iso_8859_9).

$ makeuctb iso10_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-10: translation map (_iso_8859_10).

$ makeuctb iso13_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-13: translation map (_iso_8859_13).

$ makeuctb iso14_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-14: translation map (_iso_8859_14).

$ makeuctb iso15_uni.tbl

makeuctb: iso-8859-15: translation map (_iso_8859_15).

$ makeuctb koi8r_uni.tbl

makeuctb: koi8-r: translation map (_koi8_r).

$ makeuctb koi8u_uni.tbl

makeuctb: koi8-u: translation map (_koi8_u).

$ makeuctb mac_uni.tbl

makeuctb: macintosh: translation map (_macintosh).

$ makeuctb mnem_suni.tbl

makeuctb: mnem: translation map (_mnem).

$ makeuctb mnem2_suni.tbl

makeuctb: mnemonic: translation map (_mnemonic).

$ makeuctb mnem_suni.tbl

makeuctb: mnem: translation map (_mnem).

$ makeuctb next_uni.tbl

makeuctb: next: translation map (_next).

$ makeuctb pt154_uni.tbl

makeuctb: ptcp154: translation map (_ptcp154).

$ makeuctb rfc_suni.tbl

makeuctb: mnemonic+ascii+0: translation map (_mnemonic_ascii_0).

$ makeuctb utf8_uni.tbl

makeuctb: utf-8: translation map (_utf_8).

$ makeuctb viscii_uni.tbl

makeuctb: viscii: translation map (_viscii).

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)

$ set default [-.-]

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)


$!      Compile the Lynx [.SRC] modules


$ set default [.SRC]

$ v1 = f$verify(v0)

$! DECC:

$  cc := cc/decc/prefix=all/nomember -




$  v1 = f$verify(v0)


$ cc DefaultStyle


        off_t maxbytes;


%CC-E-MISSINGTYPE, Missing type specifier or type qualifier.

at line number 166 in file DSA2:[DYMAX.LYNX.LYNX2-8-7.WWW.LIBRARY.IMPLEMENTATION



$    v1 = f$verify(v0)

Default directory:





Rod Regier, Software Development           bus:(902)422-1973 x108

Dymaxion Research Ltd., 5515 Cogswell St., fax:(902)421-1267

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1R2 Canada    mailto:address@hidden

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