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[Lynx-dev] Question/feedback on Lynx.. What should I consider 'good enou

From: Linda Kerley
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Question/feedback on Lynx.. What should I consider 'good enough' result?
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 23:00:38 -0500

Thank you for the Lynx tool.I ran it on my domain ( ).  What I didn't find in the documentation was how I should know if my html renders 'good enough' to be understood by search engine crawlers. There is no rating of the HTML by Lynx (that I saw), and that would be helpful.
The text of my website was displayed in its entirety, which is good.
However, none of the links worked. (Not surprising because I put onclick _javascript_ events on them and I have read the search engines can`t follow _javascript_.)
What I don`t know is if the presence of all the text is sufficient enough for the search engines. Or are the non-working links a problem.
(I didn`t want to use frames to code my site because the search engines can`t deal with frames. So I put all of the HTML in one big file, and then used the CSS for display: block / none, to show and hide text, to create the illusion of pages.)
Is there a scale indicating good enough?

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