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[Lynx-dev] someone needs Lynx binary in 3 parts

From: Philip Webb
Subject: [Lynx-dev] someone needs Lynx binary in 3 parts
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 15:02:18 -0400
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Our man in Havana (actually Cienfuegos) replies as follows:

-- quote --

Friends, my greetings my embraces for all the Canadians because if, we
know about the very good relate  of the Cubans with the Canadian. There
are many friends that visit the island for holidays and in the prettiest
girls' search Cuba.

1) well. my problem is that I cannot donload  of the Web.
2) the File measures more than 2 Mb and my alone mailbox accepts 2 Mb, it
is that the servant the it returns.
3) but you can send it to me in attached three parts and tablets with WinRar

....Thank you for everything and I wait now if we can receive it, we need
it because it is a very simple navigator and our nets are very slow. Thank
you for everything and here they have a good friend.

I have very good friends in canadá and a good friend in toronto that he
comes to my house in the city Cienfuegos every year.

Good luck.
For always their friend.

-- end quote --

It looks to me as if his problem is limited file size when he downloads:
if he tries himself or if I send it to him, it's too big to get through.
He suggests splitting the .zip file into  3  parts,
which he can recombine in his M$ Windows machine.

However, I don't use M$ & so can't split it in a way he can make use of.
Can anyone else do the job & send him the pieces ?

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