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[Lynx-dev] <PRE>...&shy;...</PRE>

From: Paul Gilmartin
Subject: [Lynx-dev] <PRE>...&shy;...</PRE>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 09:53:26 -0600

First, the confession:  I'm at Lynx 2.8.7dev.7; over a year old.

Now the pedantry.  The HTML snippet:

        | soft&#173;hyphen    |
        | three&#32;&#32;&#32;spaces |
        | en&ndash;&ndash;&ndash;dashes    |
        | em&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;dashes    |

... renders in Lynx:

        | softhyphen    |
        | three   spaces |
        | en---dashes    |
        | em------dashes    |

And in Firefox and Safari

        | soft hyphen    |
        | three   spaces |
        | en–––dashes    |
        | em———dashes    |

<PRE> is supposed to select a monospaced font.  So, is an
en dash the same as an em dash in a monospaced font?

And all 3 browsers collapse the soft hyphen.  I wonder
whether this correct, or if it should be rendered as a
single character position, even as multiple horizontal
and vertical spaces are not collapsed in the range of
a <PRE>

Does some standard clarify this?  What's the printable
representation of &shy; in ISO-8859-1, anyway?

(I got here trying to filter to a viewable tabular form
a file containing a mixture of binary and textual data.
I'll just convert &#173; to a hard hyphen, now.)

-- gil=

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