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Re: ~~ [Lynx-dev] Increasing dump width

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: ~~ [Lynx-dev] Increasing dump width
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:46:36 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008, Barry Haddow wrote:


I'd like to set a fairly large dump width so that lynx does not insert extra
line breaks when run with the -dump option.

Using the -width option, I can't increase the width beyond 1000. There seems
to be a hard cap in the source (MAX_COLS), but when I recompile with MAX_COLS
defined to 9999 I'm still finding the width capped at around 1080.

There's more than one limit - MAX_LINE for instance, which I suspect is
the most likely one.

Just looking for 1024's in the code will find most of the related #define's. (I see some scattered 512's and 4096's - it's likely that the larger numbers are powers of 2).

I've attached an example of a html page which illustrates the problem.

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance,


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Thomas E. Dickey

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